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20 Apr 2012 18:51
Password on it now - i wanna see Cry
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7 Jul 2012 12:08
Can you make the new one 'forumrunner' compatible so it's better to view/post on iPhone/iPad
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10 Dec 2012 18:05
Any updates?
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10 Dec 2012 18:09
soon Oops
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25 Apr 2013 11:05
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29 May 2013 21:17
A new posts button wouldn't go amiss…
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29 May 2013 21:21
Improved search, or ability to easily just search classifieds
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29 May 2013 21:22
cucumber vid if nu-fuk ever happens
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29 May 2013 23:40
Laughing out loud this thread is almost three and half years old.
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29 May 2013 23:53
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29 May 2013 23:53
Get rid of robii

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30 May 2013 07:57
Brad, pls
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30 May 2013 10:34
Byte Laughing out loud
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30 May 2013 10:57
some way to search pms
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5 Jul 2013 12:46
Byte wrote:

Laughing out loud
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5 Sep 2013 10:09
Could be of interest:

Designed by the founder of lfgss, it's a new forums/communities platform aimed at sites like fuk, i.e communities of people centred on similar interests, pastimes and hobbies.
Not sure if it's relevant for this forum but if anyone is interested, it's currently open for investments as of 9.30am this morning. Be quick if you want to get on board - they've raised £55,000 of £100k in 45 minutes.
Irma Desh
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5 Sep 2013 10:52
all microcosm are attempting to do is monotise forums……currently places like fuk are ghetto and lack intuitiveness as its cobbled together with lots of parts but once it becomes slicker and smoother people want to rinse money like taking cuts off of people for selling in classified..

this REALLY isnt how being a true facilitator works, as they seem to think
genuinely if there were enough people interested in building something really amazing i would absolutely help out of course design and development costs ££ but fuk's model of paying for trust really enforces that idea better than microcosm…

i do UX design so i guess this is why ive got an opinion i guess plus ive used this place for a while and other forums and know, most forums that attempt to slick things up end up falling way short with style over substance and the style still being shocking…. it works very well here even though its very poorly designed the main thing is the core principles of this place exist and thats why this place is still better than something slicker than microcosm, its more decentralised with more choice…ive been looking into payments and i think places like this look to make things better and cheaper than what already exists not ADD another layer of bullshit ontop

plus microcosm really is not that well designed if you're gona bother designing it at least put some effort into it

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5 Sep 2013 10:53
Crackajack wrote: Improved search, or ability to easily just search classifieds
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5 Sep 2013 11:06
Everytime I see this post bumped I get my hopes up Cry
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29 Oct 2013 18:18
Just seen the note below the dontlurk code Cool