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28 May 2014 15:38
anyone at at The Lockhart near Marble Arch?
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28 May 2014 20:38
Anywhere good for weekend breakfast in Shoreditch?
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posted 28 May 2014 20:47, edited 28 May 2014 20:47
Dishoom or Boundary/Albion Cafe right by each other
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28 May 2014 20:49
hoi polloi (resturant at the ace)
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posted 28 May 2014 21:31, edited 28 May 2014 21:31
Trip to El Celler De Can Roca

We were given a kitchen/cellar tour:

The cellar was a lot bigger and had many more shelves than the photo above suggests. I mean these were the wine lists (books):

The food…

The World: Mexico: "Burrito" with mole pablano and guacamole, Peru: ceviche broth, China: pickled vegetables with plum cream, Morocco: almond, rose, honey, saffron, ras el hanout, goat yogurt, Korea: panco fried bread, bacon with soya sauce, snow peas, kimchi and sesame oil.


Coral: pickled barnacles with bay leaves and albarino. Cockle Ceviche

Crispy shrimp and carpano bonbon with grapefruit and black sesame

St. George’s mushroom brioche

St. George’s mushroom bombon

Spring vegetable stock (vegetable stock at a low temperature with sprouts, flowers, leaves and fruits)

White asparagus and truffle viennetta

Mackerel with pickles and mullet roe (mackerel sauce with white wine, lemon, capers and chillies in vinegar, fried tomato, mullet roe, mackerel marinated in sugar and salt, mackerel infusion)

Salad of sea anemone, razor-clam, royal cucumber and seaweed in escabeche

A whole brawn (charcoal-grilled king prawn, head juice with seaweeds, seawater and sponge cake of plankton)

Palo Cortado-steamed langoustine, bisque veloute and Jerez caramel

Confit skate with mustard oil, beurre noisette, honey, chardonnay vinegar, bergamot, aromatic mustard, confit capers and smoked hazelnuts

Surf and turf (sardine with pork jowl, charcoal-grilled sardine-bone broth, suckling pig sauce and chervil oil)

Spicy mandala of artichoke flower, milk-fed lamb belly, lamb sweetbreads, curry yogurt, beetroot, spinach, turnip, lemon, tangerine, sweet potato, leaves and flowers

Morels and jarret de veal, marrow, tendons, avocado and beans

Pigeon trilogy (Pigeon heart and the cloud of rice, pigeon stock. “Botifarro” and Tatje pigeon breast

Green salad: peas, liquorice and fennel

Sourdough ice cream with cocoa pulp, fried lychee and sherry vinegar macaro

Chocolate anarchy, 7 different types of chocolate from around the world, prepared 12 different ways


Out of Noma, The Fat Duck, Dinner by Heston and El Celler De Can Roca, I still feel The Fat Duck is the best all-rounder. Shame they haven't refreshed the menu over the years and therefore slipped down the list. However, I did think El Celler De Can Roca had the best personal touch out of the lot, with the three brothers doing meet and greets and Josep visiting diners during service and talking with them to ensure that everything is okay.

Tickets, ended up going for the chef selection where they choose what dishes to serve you and they keep going until you say stop…

Olivas Gordal Adobad

Mini Airbags de ques

Xuxi Semilla tomate

Mini Ostra Vinagre

Ostra Pakta

Tartar de atun

Canelon Buey de Mar

Navajas con tomate

Corvina embarrada

Magret de Pato

Spaghetti setas

Mollete papada

Patatas Confitadas

Their desserts were certainly the highlight…

Granziado de Mandarina

Maki dulce

Tapones de corcho


Cornete de Lemon Pie

Fresas al Josper

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28 May 2014 21:48
great post. great pics.
Hello World
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28 May 2014 21:55
I preferred El Celler the best so far.
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28 May 2014 21:55
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28 May 2014 21:59
Looks amazing Cool
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28 May 2014 21:59
I see you Jason.
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28 May 2014 22:04
I take it they don't mind you snapping away pictures of every course in the restaurant Laughing out loud
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28 May 2014 22:12
Nah, every table was doing it.

El Celler is relaxed, there were kids eating there around 8 / 9 years old dining, and a baby in a pram kicking around on another table.
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29 May 2014 06:22
Wow Rirawin looks amazing.
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29 May 2014 07:48
Fair enough, that's much more down to earth than I was expecting!
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8 Jun 2014 11:42
Bit late but someone might be quick, somewhere nice for brunch/lunch near field day? Coming from mile end, not looking for anything in particular so a bit vague. Cheers
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12 Jun 2014 22:17
Not sure where to put this, but Aldi are doing wagyu beef for £6.99 Eek
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13 Jun 2014 06:57
Guaranteed to be sold out now though. Good marketing tactic.
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13 Jun 2014 19:17
It's not Kobe though. Just some Japanese breed reared in Australia.
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posted 13 Jun 2014 19:35, edited 13 Jun 2014 19:35
Kobe is wagyu and Kobe wagyu isn't always better. Probably is in this case though.
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14 Jun 2014 19:07
Reached for hype Aldi steaks today. All gone on first day apparently Laughing out loud