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8 Jul 2019 15:08
joeyjojo wrote: Apparently Cornerstone in Hackney Wick is amazing. I’m gonna go soon hopefully

Went end of last year. Really fucking good. More popular since he was on that chef show and now he's number #3 or whatever. Booked again for August!
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posted 26 Jul 2019 00:04, edited 26 Jul 2019 00:04
Looking for recommendations for child friendly but still decent for me places for a trip down London way with my daughter in August. She is not one for fussy menu's etc but I like to eat hype tings. I'll settle for good quality grub that's not chain food but something with flair would be appreciated.
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25 Sep 2019 11:45
Any good evening eats near the Barbican?
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25 Sep 2019 18:03
St. John, Breddos
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25 Sep 2019 18:20
The local Gauchos is a good one.

Rarely get out these days but splashed out at Hakkasan last week (hanway pl), well over rated.
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25 Sep 2019 20:25
illwill wrote: Any good evening eats near the Barbican?

I didn't rate breddos.

Jugged Hare if you want a smart gastropub. Not good for vegetarians. Iskele on Whitecross street is not hipster but good Turkish food.
There is a serviceable hipster-style burger place in the Barbican with a decent outside area depending on what time your going.
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25 Sep 2019 21:28
Hakkasan been shit for ages, since it got taken over I'd say.

Gauchos is meh.

Near barbican is a bit tricky - monohon does good ramen. Lino gets good reviews.