General Discussion: FUK summer 2015 Six pack challenge = Ineff Challenge - Can you repeat his success

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18 Jun 2015 09:40
Yo Benny, you looking kinda flat at the front compared to your back? Whats your diet like 8 weeks out? Are those pics with a pump? Lower back coming in nice by the way Cool
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posted 18 Jun 2015 09:50, edited 18 Jun 2015 09:50
That was immediately after a back session mate.

Unfortunately I have picked up an injury which i suspect to be tendonitis in my right forearm.

I can do straight movements but can't curl or twist or do any heavy movements like deads/rack pulls

Training day is about 2100 cals.
Rest day no carbs. No sure what the cals are prob around 1700 or so.

It's kicking the shit out of me this week but thems the breaks i guess

ps thanks Bennelli Ubercool and freshflow for the nice comments

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18 Jun 2015 17:54
Low cals! What were you at in the offseason?

Looking good, crazy how lean you are around the ab area compared to legs (unless you're no flexing in that photo..)
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18 Jun 2015 20:11
impressive back Cool

how much do you weight now?
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18 Jun 2015 20:26
Pushed as high as 4000 clean cals in off season 4500 if I remember at 1 point. I peaked at 15 stone 2. Currently 13 stone at the moment and apparently I am 7.5% bf but that's with calipers (decent calipers) but still not sure how accurate given Jamie Aldertons Dexa scan and he was 10%!

Yeah legs still to come in that's what's driving cardio at the moment. Slow process unfortunately it's physique so legs will be covered but want to do a short shorts show maybe - WBFF later in the year so need the legs to come in
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18 Jun 2015 20:41
Good money man
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posted 18 Jun 2015 20:48, edited 18 Jun 2015 20:48
never been heavier then i am now (86 kg) so i've started doing some yoga - goes so well with traditional weightlifting
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29 Jun 2015 18:56
pct, anyone know of any trustworthy sites / offline links? pm
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29 Jun 2015 22:53
whats your cycle consist of?
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17 Jul 2015 14:12
can anyone recommend any decent ebooks/articles on gvt? lining it up for my first 6 weeks of winter bulk.
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17 Jul 2015 17:48
if you are not on gear, don't bother