General Discussion: FUK summer 2015 Six pack challenge = Ineff Challenge - Can you repeat his success

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9 Nov 2017 14:22
Blackham I find Romaleos are better as they fit me a bit flatter. Otherwise theres always that Ryderwear brand?
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9 Nov 2017 18:56
I had romaleos for a month and the sole started to come away from the heel. Sent them back and got reebok legacy lifters. Bit higher heel lift and a lot heavier.
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15 Nov 2017 14:30
cheers for the above comments. Read quite a bit online and a lot of people rate the Romaleos 2 (those ryderwear are something else) - has anyone ever had a pair, and if so what's there fit like? i'm a UK8 in all other nike shoes. Cheers in advance.
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15 Nov 2017 15:21
I stayed true to size mate. Go into Niketown or wherever stocks them and try them on, cant afford to fuck up the sizing!
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12 Jun 2018 18:23
Can someone recommend a skip/jump rope
I have an amazon cheapie but the wire is very thin and lightweight and I’d like a bit more beef!
Ideally something like this without the price tag!
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posted 12 Jun 2018 18:31, edited 12 Jun 2018 18:31
RDX jump rope, maximus; you can cut it to length and the rope is super strong and the handles are comfy and rotate with the rope.

Had mine for donkeys and use it regularly. This one must be the newer model which supersedes mine (similar price as I recall)..

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6 Aug 2018 09:57
Anyone recommend a PT around Islington area - I'm proper knocking on a bit (45) so its part of my mid life crisis to get some gains
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posted 28 Aug 2018 19:06, edited 28 Aug 2018 19:06
Any one recomend some decent gym shorts with zip pockets? I've gone through loads mostly Nike and Under armour but the only pair I like a some early season gyakusou which have all zip pockets and no inner pant.