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25 Apr 2015 16:53
'kin 'ell. I don't really know then, maybe try finding something that's not too bad if you pig out on it. When I get cravings I normally make a huge batch of protein pancakes and rinse the lot.

Or if that doesn't fill the spot I have an oats recipe that is from the heavens…

Oats, 2 cubes of 70% cocoa or above dark chocolate, scoop of protein (vanilla or chocolate preferably) with almond milk. Microwave for a minute, stir, in for another 20-30 or when its at the consistency you like.
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posted 25 Apr 2015 17:22, edited 25 Apr 2015 17:22
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25 Apr 2015 19:45
Sorry to diagnose you so publicly, Bill:
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26 Apr 2015 21:01
Anyone ever had shin splints and fully got over them?
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26 Apr 2015 22:28
Shin splints is the worse pain I have ever felt - literally felt like I had DVT and my legs were about to explode. I got them from doing HIIT sprints on treadmill - I stopped doing any form of sprinting/running as I run on my toes rather than heel to toe. Have no issues now if I go for a run etc - when I was doing sprint it was in a pair of lunarglides so i reckon that had a role. I feel for YA Jwool
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26 Apr 2015 23:42
bill wrote: Any tips for controlling appetite? If I've got something in the house, I can't just have a couple or a small portion, I eat it all. Tonight I've eaten 3 x 1kg tubs of full fat yogurt with protein powder mixed in. That's ontop of the 1.5kg of yogurt I had for breakfast. That's over 4.5kg of yogurt alone in 1 day.

It's a safe with a timer. I have one. It works. It works in the fridge. It's not a joke.
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27 Apr 2015 12:43
jwool wrote: Anyone ever had shin splints and fully got over them?
Yeah they come and go for me, just gotta rest up for a few weeks
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27 Apr 2015 13:01
4.5kg of yoghurt Laughing out loud
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27 Apr 2015 14:32
Fucking kitchen safe too Laughing out loud
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27 Apr 2015 19:35
Needs an MS Paint job Laughing out loud
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posted 30 Apr 2015 20:02, edited 30 Apr 2015 20:02
jwool wrote: Anyone ever had shin splints and fully got over them?

currently suffering with these due to most of my cardio being on either a hard surface or running machine. Found the best thing to do is either cut out all running for a good couple weeks then slowly back into it with low volume cardio on a soft surface like grass.

Also buy some paper cups and fill them up with water, freeze it, them cut off the bottom cm/inch of the paper cup and gently massage your shins with the ice until it reaches where you cut off, then when you come to do it again (twice a day) cut off the next cm/inch if you get my drift. This has worked really well for me.
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10 May 2015 11:49
Need to get some Whey protein and trying to decide which of the Bulk suppliers I should go with or would i better off going with an established brand like Optimum Nutrition or Reflex?

From doing some digging seem like My Protein and The Protein Works are the better choices when it comes to quality and value. Anyone have any experience with either of the Bulk suppliers and can vuoch for quality of products?
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10 May 2015 12:08
I've used MP and TPW. Both good but I prefer TPW. TPW have great choice and the stuff tastes good.
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posted 10 May 2015 12:59, edited 10 May 2015 12:59
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25 May 2015 16:58
struggled so much this year with fucking colds every time i've upped the intensity of my training when i realise i've been going through the motions. got the beginning of one now and it's nearly june ffs.

swear the my diet is on point and i get 60 hours sleep a week easy. worth adding in glutamine in as a supp? can't think of much else that i could do to stop my immune system getting a battering.
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25 May 2015 17:19
What does your post workout meal consist of?
I had this for a few weeks at the beginning of the year as I had dropped my carbs really low after my workout and was just always tired and aching so now i get a lot of carbs after the gym it has sorted itself out

also have you increased your daily intake along with upping the workout intensity
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25 May 2015 17:24
pwo meal is my dinner the majority of the time - probably average out 40g protein and 40-50g carbs.

not increased my intake as on a cut - daily goals at the moment are 58g fat, 271g carb 255g protein.
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25 May 2015 17:41
lol is that a cut? how many cals is that
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25 May 2015 17:46
little bit over 2600

weighing 185 with a relatively fast metabolism
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posted 29 May 2015 14:20, edited 29 May 2015 14:20
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