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8 Oct 2007 00:33
very good
Hello World
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8 Oct 2007 00:38
Did hot chip play shake a fist? I'm liking that new effort.
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16 Oct 2007 07:41
mark ronson tonight
reverend and the makers thursday
pigeon detectives sunday

all glasgow
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16 Oct 2007 08:17
ian brown last night at derby, was better than i expected it was going to be, pulled out a couple of stone roses tracks, he's done pretty well for a bloke who can't sing. it was a sell out, had a couple of spare tickets, they were going for double face value about an hour before the show, couldn't give em away by the time i got to the venue just before the main man took to the stage (i passed em on to a couple of tramps swigging white lightening by the door, hope they made it in for i am the resurection)
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16 Oct 2007 08:39
maccabees tonight.
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16 Oct 2007 12:04
Cazerelli wrote: maccabees tonight.

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16 Oct 2007 12:44
Saw De La Soul on Sunday night. Was a bit wary after someone on here said they weren't meant to be very good (and they were gangsta, which baffles me having seen them) but they were absolutely fantastic.
They played everything I wanted to hear, got the crowd going bettter than pretty much anyone I've seen, played a decent set (and did an encore), and then came out when the DJs were back on and chatted to people and signed autographs for ages, seemed like genuinely nice guys.
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16 Oct 2007 12:53
cool pic, i saw em at glastonbury (i think) and was really dissapointed, dont think they were really suited to a big field though

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16 Oct 2007 13:31
yeah, i saw de la soul on saturday in liverpool at a chibuku. they were so so good. feadz was there as well, played an amazing set as did opitical.
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17 Oct 2007 09:08
went to see the Maccabees last night.
well, i say went to see. saw about 4 songs.
i felt real ill and my ear was killing me so we left Sad
they were really good though, Orlando has a proper nice voice. Even when he talks.
And the Roundhouse was nice, i've never been there before.
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24 Oct 2007 18:29
off to see the twang at rock city tonight, any notts crew attending come over and holla (or buy me a beer !) {you wont miss me, stripy top, H&M leather, 7ft tall)
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24 Oct 2007 21:19
i was supposed to be seeing shychild tonight but couldn't be bothered and my ear aint 100%
saving it for mcfly on friday innit.
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24 Oct 2007 21:24

Went to the NME rock and riot tour the other night, the enemy were alrite
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24 Oct 2007 22:07
Faves & most memorable that spring to mind:
Public Enemy 88 Manchester
Stone Roses 89 Widnes & 95 Manchester
Happy Mondays / 808 state 90 Manchester
Ride / Charlatans 93 Blackpool
Oasis 94 Preston
Echobelly V97 Leeds
Verve 98 Wigan
Coldplay 00 Sheffield

Probably missed a good few off, next Interpol Manchester November
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3 Nov 2007 18:47

Bloc Party @ Leeds Uni SU 2005ish, they had the place bouncing, twas great.

Next Up

WeAreScientists @ Middlesbrough Empire tonight, should be good.
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3 Nov 2007 19:47

Another NME Fanboy
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3 Nov 2007 19:58
Idlewild last night in Belfast, fantastic.
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3 Nov 2007 20:31
arcade fire in manchester last weekend, 10/10
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3 Nov 2007 22:35
1. Motley Crue 2005 at the NEC Cool, Smashing Pumpkins, Nine Inch Nails
2. QOTSA at the Academy (or Electric Eel Shock a few days before if I can make it)
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4 Nov 2007 02:09
FaMeZ wrote: ^^

Another NME Fanboy

not really mate, i like a lot of different genre's. I'm not gonna lie though i don't think WeAreScientists new stuff is that great to be honest.