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5 Apr 2013 10:38
they doing 2.
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5 Apr 2013 10:42
Went to see Vondelpark at Bush Hall last night. Really good live and definitely met the records quality.
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5 Apr 2013 10:51
That'd be great Quest, thanks & Bore off Doomed Evil
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5 Apr 2013 11:23
the_boy_lanz wrote: If Anyone got spares for The Rolling Stones @ Hyde Park that they'd be prepared to sell I'd be forever grateful Smiling

I'm in the same boat. Sad
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5 Apr 2013 11:30
Anyone get tix for Frank Ocean?
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15 May 2013 13:14
Mate of mine cant make the Kings of Convenience gig @ the round house tonight so thinking of getting rid of both tickets now.

Anyone interested… £25 each (face value.)
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24 May 2013 22:15
Might sound a bit naive here but I don't go to many gigs, want to go to soundgarden in manchester in september, tickets went on sale last couple days and only available tickets were rear upper circle so I didn't want that. Now it's all sold out but says "tickets may still appear closer to the date". Then at the side there's an ad directing you to where they have tickets on sale with markups and it's run by ticketmaster.

Just seems like a massive scam to me, am I missing something? Does this happen all the time? Given ticket master own getmein, surely they just move a bunch of tickets and stick them on
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24 May 2013 22:17
there was a whole dispatches about it.

it's a massive scam and regulations dont cover it, its a joke.
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1 Jun 2013 09:08
Anyone seeing this at Mayfield train station in Manchester next month?

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1 Jun 2013 10:34
That will be absolutely brilliant
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1 Jun 2013 11:14
I very much doubt it, but anyone going to crooked ways in Pontefract today?
It is in my home town, so supporting it.
Looking forward to The D.O.T and Peter Hook (playing 50 minutes of Power, Corruption & Lies and Movement).
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1 Jun 2013 12:10
the_boy_lanz wrote: That will be absolutely brilliant

Hopefully, especially with all the supporting elements like United Visual Artists. Looking forward to seeing inside the disused railway station next to Piccadilly as much as the actual show.

Loads of tickets left for £38

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23 Jun 2013 13:17
^ new trailer released. I can’t wait for this.

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24 Jun 2013 18:18
Looks very interesting.
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25 Jun 2013 13:26
Tame Impala tonight Cool
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25 Jun 2013 13:41
Saw Jagwar Ma and Temples last week. Jagwar Ma were quite good but Temples for all the hype were boring as fuck seemed more like a tribute band than an actual band in their own right. No presence or personality just plodded though the songs and stopped.
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6 Jul 2013 21:11
Courteeners last night in Manchester. Brilliant as always Cool Miles Kane was on top form too.

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6 Jul 2013 22:41
Thought Massive Attack vs Adam Curtis was brilliant. Didn’t care too much they didn't really play their own stuff. Great experience and unlike anything I’ve seen.

Elizabeth Fraser



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7 Jul 2013 08:04
i'd have given my left bollock to have been in manc for that.hopefully (but i doubt) they'll do it again in London
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10 Jul 2013 11:27
Frank Ocean very good last night in Brixton. Anyone else go?