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15 Jun 2014 22:35
Mo'Wax exhib looks real cool. Also gonna check it out pre-show Harvey.
Just seen your comment - great work finding tix Lanz. Proper excited for that one.
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16 Jun 2014 09:19
10.30 finish though Puzzled Milo James Lavelle and Fraser Cooke doing the freebie afterwards though Cool
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16 Jun 2014 09:24
embracing this 'though' thing
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posted 18 Jun 2014 12:42, edited 18 Jun 2014 12:42
Just picked up a pair of tickets for sold out Goldie 'Timeless' with the Heritge Orchestra at the Southbank on Saturday 9pm

One of them is a concession ticket (though) so if anyone has an NUS card, OAP card or claims benefits, it's yours for face value (£20)
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18 Jun 2014 13:04
^ that will be great (the gig not the free ticket)
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posted 18 Jun 2014 15:53, edited 18 Jun 2014 15:53
The company I work with designed and manufactured the vast majority of James' stuff over the years, he's always aimed to do 'something different' with the stuff he puts out and tries to make it as much about the art as it is the music, and he pulls it off.

If you get a chance to go to anything at this Meltdown, even if it's just the exhibition make sure you do…you'll also get to see a lot of my work Eye-wink
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18 Jun 2014 16:40
Will take a look when im down on Friday.
Also he was on the Benji B show last week. A good listen.
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24 Jul 2014 09:42
WHP Presale tickets are out if anyone wants a link
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3 Aug 2014 22:36
Went to the Matt Darey gig at Sound Control last night, played all his classics.

Was a great vibe, lots of love, drugs and glow sticks going about Smiling

Seems they've upped their game as Darren Emerson, Phil Hartnol, Stanton Warriors and a Tangled night are heading t'up north later this year.
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16 Sep 2014 09:30
i got 2 lauryn hill tickets (standing) if anyones interested? face value

its for this sunday
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14 Oct 2014 21:50
Any Bonobo tickets for sale for the last night of his tour? Slept on them because no one wanted to go but perfectly happy to go alone if they're a decent price Smiling
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15 Oct 2014 06:52
saw them in berlin this year, was great!
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27 Jan 2015 09:36
bit of a longshot, but if anyone has a spare ticket for Sleater-Kinney at the Roundhouse in March then please let me know - happy to pay a fair price for it
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27 Jan 2015 14:54

Sorry for the plug but if any London fuk'ers looking for something Saturday my band are playing a free show. Just a heads up, the other two bands are really good so I'm looking forward to it.

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12 Feb 2015 08:34
Saw Ex Hex at Brudenell Social Club last night and fucking loved it.

Got Warpaint coming up and might go to the nme tour.
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12 Feb 2015 11:34
Warpaint are so on and off, seen them multiple times over the past 4-5 years, might just depend how stoned you are though
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12 Feb 2015 13:07
Prefer the earlier stuff before they started using keyboards alot but still like them.

Mate has got me a ticket for blossoms but concerned they might be a bit indie landfill.
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12 Feb 2015 13:42
Brudenell Social Club is a great venue, easily my favourite venue in the city.
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12 Feb 2015 13:52
Not a gig as such but DJ Shadow & Cut Chemist's Afrika Bambaataa set was insanely good in the Forum a couple of weeks back.
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13 Feb 2015 09:39
Just a heads up, Pissed Jeans tickets for 100 club just went on sale -

Also my band are playing with Metz on their two EU dates in March, really excited. If anyone is going to Paris or London to see them make sure to say hi.