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29 May 2015 08:41
andymakesglasses wrote: The café doesn't take bookings but the restaurant does. Although they call it a café it's still a restaurant and could seat 12 no bother.

I think the main difference is that the café does "tapas" style smaller dishes whereas the restaurant does bigger dishes. I've only been to the café.

There are queues to get in at the café on a Saturday night, think it was about a 45 minute wait when we were last there (could be longer for a group of 12 though obviously). There are plenty of good bars in the vicinity though so you could potentially take turn about in the queue.

I'd book Mother India ahead of the Cafe. For one, it nicer and for a larger group small plates don't work.
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29 May 2015 09:51
If you fancy a burger or the likes go to Bread Meats Bread. Best I've had.

Standard night out I would probably say Bamboo or Kushion. You'll get a lot of decent skirt at least.

Glasgow is a ball ache to get in places if your not from there and in groups. Or at least I've found even though I'm Scottish.

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23 Sep 2015 07:38
MoB wrote: Subclub wouldn't go down well with this lot i doubt.
Nah, best man is a knob and he organised Glasgow without giving it a thought that we could go literally anywhere else in the world. He worked there for the commonwealths last year and said it was an amazing place to do a stag, now he can't think of anywhere/anything to do.
We fly up friday afternoon till sunday afternoon, i'm thinking get on a decent indian friday night so i'll try one of those two egan said. West brewery could also work as a few of em are into craft beers Cool

How did this go?
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3 Oct 2015 17:20
Is W2 store open on Sunday?
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22 Mar 2017 12:36
Glasgow Fukers, what's good? I'm up from Thurs-Mon and need good places to check out.
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22 Mar 2017 20:55
The Gannet or Ox and Finch if you want a good meal.
Kimchi Cult if you want some good 'fast food'.
SWG3 or Berkeley Suit for a night out.
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22 Mar 2017 21:17
The Shed if you want to be fingered by Michelle McManus.
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posted 23 Mar 2017 08:41, edited 23 Mar 2017 08:41
Bloc for some good food drink and sometimes live music. The Finnieston for cocktails. Bread meats bread for burgers. Subclub for a night out (regarded as one of the best clubs in the world). Head out west end way to Byers Road as lots of nice little cafes and food out that way. Oran Moar does great live music nights occasionally. The grill on the corner is also a good shout for a decent steak. They also have end clothing now which will be worth a look.
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23 Mar 2017 08:52
X2 on the grill on the corner.

I'm sure you can sign up for a loyalty card online which gives you 40% off almost all food. You don't need to do anything to get the discount. Just book online via your account and it'll come off your bill automatically.
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23 Mar 2017 10:35
Thanks guys.

It's mainly daytime stuff I need as I'm up for the 6 Music Festival so my nights are filled. Any good galleries or exhibitions on?
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23 Mar 2017 11:10
The CCA on Sauchiehall Street is always worth a look and the café there is great. Also The Lighthouse on Mitchell Lane, just of Buchanan Street.
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23 Mar 2017 11:48
The Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum is ok. Not sure if anything good on at the moment though. Gallery of Modern Art which is literally just off Buchanan Street usually has something worth going to see and doesn't take too long.
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23 Mar 2017 14:21
Check out the new End store.
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23 Mar 2017 19:05
TheConductor wrote: Thanks guys.

It's mainly daytime stuff I need as I'm up for the 6 Music Festival so my nights are filled. Any good galleries or exhibitions on?