Menswear: Going to Japan - What should I be looking for!

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posted 9 Jun 2019 19:44, edited 9 Jun 2019 19:44
I stayed at the Drop-Inn hostel near Osaka Station to the north of the city. Very comfortable, clean and inexpensive. But yeah, a hostel.
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9 Jun 2019 20:18
Thanks after something a bit more boutique ala Trunk/Claska
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10 Jun 2019 10:06
Looks like I'm going to Tokyo next week for a work meeting.
It's near Shibuya, any decent-ish not taking the piss hotels anyone can recommend?
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10 Jun 2019 10:48
Booked a 14 day trip to coincide with a work thing, going over New Years which may not be ideal but fuck it (28th-11th). Anyone with an ideal 10-14 day itinerary and hotel/airbnb recs would be great.
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14 Jun 2019 07:59
That time of year is great for sales. This year, I was in Tokyo for the two weeks directly after new year's and all stores were on sale.