Menswear: Going to Japan - What should I be looking for!

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19 Jan 2013 22:55

I've just found out i'll be going to japan in a couple of months time.

I'm obviously really excited.

I wondered if any of you had been before and had any suggestions -particularly realated to clothing.

My first thought is denim and obviously places like harajuku and shinjuku

But if any of you have been and know any hints or places i should keep an eye out for or stuff I'd be better buying there then all suggestions gratefully recieved

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19 Jan 2013 22:57
Superfuture guide. Look for it.
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22 Jan 2013 09:34
Whereabouts are you going? I've been to Tokyo, Osaka, Hiroshima, Kagoshima to the south islands and a few places in between. Harajuku is a good place to start, there are some good vintage shops there if you're into that, and more regular sports/streetwear stores too (APC, Lacoste etc) but you would also do well to go to Omotesando too, the Free & Easy office/shop is there amongst other more 'Japanese' shops

I didn't go to Cabourn's Army Gym but it might be worth a look.

Buying wise, everything is the same price or a bit more expensive out there. The only things that you are better off buying over there is good vintage stuff; the clothes in larger sizes go for literally a couple of quid because no one can fit into them.

Bear in mind that you WILL get lost, and also that shops are multi-storey style, there will be signs attached to the sides of buildings telling which shops are on which floor.
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22 Jan 2013 09:42
private eyes (Roppongi) Eye-wink
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22 Jan 2013 09:53
Ueno market is good for clothes and trainers - make sure you go there.

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22 Jan 2013 11:04
Tokyo is a very large city, if you are into your clothes then I suggest you spare at least two full days , below are district by district lowdown of worthy shops:


Lift Etage & Ecru - located close to each other, these two are in a shopping complex close to daikan-yama station. not that hard to find. very good selection of Carol Christian Poell at both (unfortunately biggest sizes are 46 and 48 in some stuff),Ecru has Rick Owens, Guidi, Stephan Schneider, Dries Van Noten… Etage hasLabel Under Construction, Ann Demeulemeester, Damir Doma, m.a+, Avantindietro and others. probably the best stores in tokyo. I didn't get a chance to go to Lift Position, but apparently they carry Raf Simons and such. Ecru had the cutest SA in the city <3

Julius - the flagship shop is on the second floor of a small small shopping arcade, a bit hard to find but its the only shopping arcade at the location. gloomy, dimly lit concrete interior with odd rainforest sounds. good selection of the line, about3/4 of the total stuff I've seen.

Attachment - two stores close to each other, other one is Kazuyuki Kumagai and other one plain Attachment. allright selection of the lines at both.


L'eclaireur - slightly off the street but not hard to find. stock wise quite dissapointing, not a huge selection and everything was disorganized. only one Poell piece on the racks, I had to ask for more and they only had 1-2 trousers, one shirt and one jacket all from an earlier season, Lift had a lot of new season already at this point. some random pieces from Dries, Berrini, Ann D, Rick Owens etc.. womens selection was a lot bigger.

Loveless - the store itself is amazing, like an underground dungeon so worth a look, the entrance goes unnoticed easily, a stone staircase next to a Goyard store,stuff they have is very mixed, cant remember what brands they had but nothing that interested me a lot..

Comme Des Garcons - cool store, the usual selection of CDG stuff that available at most of their outlets.

10 Corso Como - dissapointing, mostly CDG stuff, some Lanvin and a couple of other brands, maybe Balenciaga or something. really boring compared to the original Corso Como.

Undercover - cool store, though personally I dont like the spring line much. good stock of it though, lots of womens wear as well.

Dover Street Market - I'm pissed I even walked here.. another CDG store with nothing but all the Comme basics available at every one of their sale points around the city. I dont know why they'd call in DSM if it has nothing to do with the original one..

Yohji Yamamoto - was closed when I got there, but it looked like a Y-3 store…?


N. Hollywood - one of the coolest stores concept and interior wise, hidden in a residential area somewhere behind Omotesando Hills.. at the end of a small dead end street, theres a metal gate and what looks like a wooden storefront from some smallrural town. the interior looks like a 50's-60's american home or office, very cool and surprising when you walk in.

Addition Adelaide - small store behind also Omotesando Hills, they had Raf Simons, some Rick Owens and others.. not a huge stock though.

Omotesando Hills - shopping complex that has a cool interior, houses the Ann Demeulemeester store as well a boutique called Edition. I had no idea what it was and simply went in after my girlfriend, only to notice a table full of m.a+ belts! their lineup is pretty weird with Stephan Schneider next to some Nudie Jeans.. a good selection of m.a+, some items from Nicolo Ceschi Berrini, Rick Owens, Whyred etc.


The Viridi-Anne - I love their latest collections so this was a must-go for me, small store with onlya signless black glass exterior, a good selection from s/s, though, friendly staff and apparently a regular customer decked in full V-A, who I thought worked there untill he paid for something..

Beams International Gallery - good lineup of designers incl Robert Geller, Rick Owens, Kolor and quite a few other brands I cant remember.. worth a visit for sure.

wjk - the store is inside the Laforet teenager mecca, which is good for eyeing shopper chicks I guess. decent selection of wjk and Reluxe stuff.


Via Bus Stop (Seibu)-if Alexander McQueen and Marc Jacobs are your homies, go here, not exactly what I expected.

Space Tokyo - two 2nd handstores, I checked the one next to Tokyu Hands, mostly the same stuff they have online as well, worth checking out for sure.

Midwest - nice selection of stuff on 4 floors, quite a bit of m.a+ including bags which are hard to come across. some Viridi-Anne, Mihara Yasuhiro, some local labels, ann demeulemeester, RO, Guidi.. the top floor artsy cafe is alright and cozy.


Isetan - good selection of menswear and the most annoying SA's in retail history at the womens floor. damir doma, ann demeulemeester, dries van noten, stephan schneider, attachment, viridi-anne, rick owens.. N(N), undercover, cdg and some others.

Barney's - the mens floor is small but some interesting labels. decent rack of Poell but mostly older season at that point. couple of really cool avantindietro shirts.. decent selection of LUC, also Dries, Lanvin, CDG, m.a+and some other stuff.
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1 Feb 2013 20:15
Hi all

thank you so much for the replies, sorry ive been away for the week.

im going to tokyo, kyoto/osaka/nara , hiroshima, okayama and nagano.

in tokyo we are staying by shinjuku station.

i'll definately be taking a print of this thread.

i hadnt even thought of vintage stuff - thats a genius idea.

i know i'll get lost but i figure thats half the fun!

thank you all again for your time and suggestions - i'll definately report back

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1 Feb 2013 22:42
a bit of visual inspiration to get you in the mood Cool

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1 Feb 2013 22:56
That video is awesome, fuck i wanna go to Japan …
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1 Feb 2013 22:59
boredatwork wrote: Going to Japan - What should I be looking for!

Watch out for Godzilla
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1 Feb 2013 23:12
i feel very humdrum sat at home when i could be there.
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1 Feb 2013 23:13
That video Ubercool
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1 Feb 2013 23:45
video is ace, would love to go
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1 Feb 2013 23:51
Not sure if you are going with work or if you need to make your own way from city to city. If the latter make sure you get a JR Pass so you get unlimited rail travel, works out alot cheaper.

Make sure you have a decent camera to wander around Gion, so much historic buildings to take in. Hopefully you'll see a Geisha or too.
Stay in a Ryokan for a night.
Golden pavilion.
If you are into Buzz Rickson and the like there was a shop called Sea Bees that might be of interest, a nice street had a Champion and North Face shops (both Namamica versions).

Go to Okonomi-mura in Hiroshima, 3 floors of market food all serving the same dish (Okonomiyaki). Nothing fancy but it's pretty unique.
Boat trip to Miyajima and get the cable car to the mountain top.
Few shops like Beams and other random places with decent brands you wouldn't expect them to have (even Disneyland sell LVC and Pendelton in Japan Laughing out loud )

Don't even know where to begin as there's so much to do. Just remember to look up (and down) as there can be some interesting shops/bars/restaurants on higher floors or the basement, it feels like 10 cities stuck on top of each other. It's near impossible to get a bad meal there. For shops just download the superfuture guide and follow advice on here.
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2 Feb 2013 01:40
Nanamica? Might be worth buying as its a lot cheaper.
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2 Feb 2013 07:35
japan is overrated, just stay home and buy online
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2 Feb 2013 23:31
If you are looking to shop make sure to bring cash cash cash cash lots of cash.
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4 Feb 2013 19:29
hi again

love the video - im struggling to control myself.

i know it will be expensive - going on holiday my work would never involve anything remotely as exciting as leaving london let alone europe.

ive been saving and will be taking an interest free credit card to destroy where accepted.

id like to get some jeans and obviously there's any number of places i could easily be convinced to spend money.

your replies have all been really helpful so again thank you

and if i see godzilla - i'd probably run towards him as i know godzuki would be round the corner!
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4 Feb 2013 20:52
Mississauga wrote: If you are looking to shop make sure to bring cash cash cash cash lots of cash.
boredatwork wrote: i know it will be expensive
Shopping for decent clothing aside I was amazed how cheap Japan was. Wasn't any worse than London and alot cheaper than Paris/Barcelona/Amsterdam IMO
Food in particular could be dirt cheap if you ate in local restaurants/ramen/izakaya/yakitori bars and not hotels
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5 Feb 2013 22:52
tokyo -