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7 Aug 2010 17:57
haha +1 for mrbigstuff being poor at doing everything, im still waiting for a refund.. paypal says 3 days until the funds are removed from his account and transferred to mine
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7 Aug 2010 18:17
think im just gonna let those nazi's march through my land. dream on.
Laughing out loud
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7 Aug 2010 18:18
youll get your stuff same as everybody.
seriously, was only trying to be nice by selling them anyway.
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9 Aug 2010 19:59
If this is still happening I bought a Tanner Goods Bifold wallet from Sneaker52. Great item and fast postage !
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9 Aug 2010 21:46
Being nice would be sending the items out promptly as agreed, you're just being an arsehole. I've only been on here a wee while and even I can't work out why anyone would buy stuff from MBS, you might as wel flush your money down the toilet.
Noble Locks
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9 Aug 2010 21:53
whoever brought from him did so thru pure greed cos of his cheap prices as EVERYONE was warned not to purchase from him, by me… a mod and long standing member.
if you dont listen to me, as much as i sympathise, the buyers only have themselves to kick not mbs or fuk.
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9 Aug 2010 22:03
ive bought from MBS on numerous occassions and Ive always got them on time via special delivery.
great seller A1+++++++++ . (no beg friend)
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10 Aug 2010 15:00
Miracleblade- Great Seller, highly recommended!
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1 Sep 2011 11:46
Gumshoecamus - bought some vis off him, sent well wrapped and promptly

Schtoop - bought stuff off him a few times, all smooth.

Both sellers recommended
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1 Sep 2011 11:48
Cool cheers blad
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1 Sep 2011 11:52
Walnuts- Good items and quick delivery

Gumshoecamus- Very easy to deal with
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1 Sep 2011 15:05
Beedub - have had a couple of transactions, buy with confidence. First rate.
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1 Sep 2011 15:17
Beedud, 87, Freshflow - All spot on!
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1 Sep 2011 17:07
Gumshoes wrapping skills are 2nd to none, took me about 5 minutes to get in the parcel Cool
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1 Sep 2011 19:49
Panda_693 - Great communication and speedy delivery. A+
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1 Sep 2011 20:26
Taeko, Hectogon, themistake, TheConductor, Jackwooly

All very good sellers, good communication and posting & packing Ubercool
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13 Sep 2011 18:40
panda_693 - good price and speedy delivery
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15 Sep 2011 22:32
Brad wrote: panda_693 - good price and speedy delivery
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15 Sep 2011 22:34
foxtrot and Hector - both great sellers !
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17 Sep 2011 12:36
Nick Ball excellent seller bought his edwins yesterday they arrived first thing this morning Smiling