Menswear: gosha rubchinskiy - your inputs ?

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29 Jul 2015 15:11
Looks like something they'd sell in the gift shop at St Basil's
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29 Jul 2015 15:29
swede wrote:
manula wrote: A lot of stores stock Rubchinskiy now, only the X Timur Collab have sold out quickly,
goodhood and dsm have full stock, more stores will ad with autumn stock.
Most people don't get this yet.

all the flag tees sold out within minutes at both you fucking bellend

Well full stock a few days ago,
Timur collab was only released at DSM London/New york,
those ugly flag tee will be easy to find in coming weeks when stores ad the AW 2015
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29 Jul 2015 15:33
Best wrote: When I first saw the brand name years ago I thought it was someone making a Jimmy Hill joke

Laughing out loud
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29 Jul 2015 15:34
Class Laughing out loud
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29 Jul 2015 15:38
Best nailed it
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5 Apr 2018 09:38
What took them so long….RIP Gosha (Brand)