Menswear: GRAILED

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5 Feb 2018 12:43
C-Stylez wrote: Hmm I get the references (in rap) etc and the rarity aspect but still find it kind of baffling. Talk about overrated.

Anyway good work selling it. Mark up is truly astounding.

Cheers mate.

Seventyfour wrote: Recon I'd get anything for this Raf shirt from ss2000?
Used but no holes or anything.

Around $150 or so. A bit more if you find the right buyer. I'd try one of the Facebook groups dedicated to buying and selling Raf Simons.
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5 Feb 2018 13:04
18 grand for a jacket is expensive but as a PR campaign it's cheap. It gets loads of people talking about grailed and elevates the grailed brand. Thing is even self-liquidating as they selling the thing at cost. The sale will probably give their site loads more hits, more sales and contribute to an investment case. Whole thing seems quite savvy IMO.