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18 Nov 2019 15:14
Holy shit, are we actually witnessing the start of his manifesto?
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18 Nov 2019 16:17
I don't understand your need to criticise Greta Thunberg as a person. Even if she was completely autistic, and was being taken for a ride for the people around here, and we agreed she was arrogant beyond belief to be telling people how they ought to live and what they've got wrong, those facts wouldn't make her points any more or less true. If you refuse to believe in climate change then that's up to you.

If there was an annoying kid with mental problems espousing things you agreed with would you be as touchy about it? Would you have started a thread about them? I think not. Really you just want to discredit her because you don't believe in or don't like to hear about climate change. What will you say if you were wrong and in a the next few years climate change becomes an undeniable reality? Will you still think it was wrong of her to have tried to bring about change as a teenager?
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18 Nov 2019 16:57
Greta's gonna need to file a restraining order against fudge. This is some Jodie Foster-type shit going down.

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18 Nov 2019 18:12