General Discussion: Grumpy Young Men

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22 Dec 2019 00:23
Bullshit. White is right.
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22 Dec 2019 09:33
Ran outta sellotape with 2 presents left to wrap - blu-tac and brown parcel tape just ain't gonna cut it. Fuck sake Evil
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22 Dec 2019 18:25
You can make glue using flour water and salt…

if you're desperate.
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22 Dec 2019 18:33
Double up the brown tape to make it double sided so you can wrap the gifts with no visible tape.
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10 Aug 2020 15:32
Fucking Depop - just full of cunts saying “lowest offer” or “yo fam I’ll give you £80 PayPal” when said item is listed for £200.
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10 Aug 2020 17:28
Laughing out loud

So true.

But when they do sometimes say "Alright" to my lowball offer it makes the app totally worth it. Laughing out loud
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10 Aug 2020 18:25
Tbf have shifted more stuff on depop than the classifieds recently. None of the boomers on here want any of my stuff Cry
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10 Aug 2020 20:08
I didn’t even realise the extent of lowballing on there.

Deliberately listing things much higher than normal.

@Swede yeah I’ve sold quite a bit recently but get at least 20 messages a day with ridiculous offers. Or the usual “lowest price”.

Some people are really petty as well - Sometimes haggling over £2.
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10 Aug 2020 20:21
Depopdrama on insta is Laughing out loud
kid unknown
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10 Aug 2020 21:00
Don’t think I have ever replied to any message along the lines of “what is your best price”, “what is the lowest you will take” etc.

Would rather give stuff away.
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31 Aug 2020 18:45
I’m a fully paid up liberal live and let live. Is anyone here offended by Adele’s hair and get up ?
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31 Aug 2020 19:17
She is definitely after some schlong of the chocolate variety
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31 Aug 2020 19:21
Nah, it's just hair. If Milli Vanilli could have long straightened locks, Adele is allowed to Rasta it up and channel Bjork