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3 Oct 2010 09:58
gawkrodger wrote: Brum Selfridges shit stock and stupid staff Evil

nice building though.
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3 Oct 2010 10:32
nick2 wrote:
Noble Locks wrote: does it cost to piss on them poor people planes yet? i know they are doing it, have they yet?

10p for a piss, turds are charged by weight.

good tip for you to get some money back on 'budget' airlines - pretend to be petrified of flying - I have had many a free gin and tonic this way… this may only work if you are a girl Laughing out loud
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3 Oct 2010 11:41
Seeticket website. Evil
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3 Oct 2010 12:21
Im confuzzled, is getting tickets today for Glasto the only way of buying them bar eBay etc etc ?
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3 Oct 2010 12:47
They go on re-sale again in April for the people who put the deposit down today but don't pay the remaining balance.

Got 6 tickets.. Not even sure I'm going to go this year, though..
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3 Oct 2010 12:55
^^^ ah okay thanks. If you dont need any tickets and they are easily resell-able let me know please Smiling
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3 Oct 2010 13:07
The tickets have a photo and a name on them, so not really very re-sellable
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3 Oct 2010 13:33
Ah fair play I thought as much. Guess ill wait until April.
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3 Oct 2010 15:12
Hmm. Lame. I really wanted a ticket or two.

I guess its wait until April and pray…
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3 Oct 2010 16:59
Had some guy square up to me and dragged off by his wife at work after I asked them to not sit in the clearly closed off section and they ignored me Evil Evil

Can't believe how some people can act like that.
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3 Oct 2010 19:43
A £400 pair of trousers I purchased from Burberry split at the seams (no chubster) after being worn less than 5 times. I sent them a 4 page report with detailed pictures showing the damage and now they say it will take upto six weeks to sort it out. They took the money in seconds… shocking aftercare sales service.

I don't normally complain about anything but £400 trousers gone wrong needs complaining about! I had only just had them hemmed as well.
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3 Oct 2010 20:13

Cunt had a lace umbrella yesterday Laughing out loud
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4 Oct 2010 12:34
^ parasol
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6 Oct 2010 12:36
Shit mobile phone doesn't work.

This is why I've never had one before, they don't just work, it's too much fucking about.

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6 Oct 2010 12:39
the term "delhi belly" mentioned every fucking 5 minutes this morning
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6 Oct 2010 12:45
Royal Mail again. Not had any proper mail since Monday, which doesn't seem long but I usually get mail every day as I work from home, plus I am expecting stuff. The cunts have delivered their quota of junk mail though. Waiting for a tax disc and driving license from the DVLA. I phoned the DVLA about my license and it was sent on Monday, first class, so it shouldn't any any later than today. I'm going on holiday on Saturday morning so if it isn't here by Friday I'm not going to be able to drive out there which will fuck the whole holiday. I don't particularly like parking my car in town with an expired tax disc either, but that's the lesser of my worries
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6 Oct 2010 14:42
^Left the house at 8:50 today, special delivery package hadn't come… bet they turned up late and wrote 8:55 on the card as per usual.

At least I can get it shipped to the p.o. round the corner, got my internet router coming from myhdnl which I'm blatantly going to have to attempt 5 times before I get it.
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6 Oct 2010 14:48
bird flu. seems I've got it a year late.
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6 Oct 2010 14:58
same here. i got job interview tomorrow aswell.
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6 Oct 2010 15:00
My driving license turned up. Looks like a fake ID and I look like a thug on the pic. Tax disc still not turned up