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25 Feb 2016 11:09
I'm going to Canada 2 weeks before the referendum, I'm tempted to buy dollars now as they're only going to go down 'til then.
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25 Feb 2016 14:29
Might be a good idea, I've been in the US for a while and held off paying something cause I thought the pound would improve, now I regret it. It was 1.45 dollars to the pound when I got here a couple months ago.

I was here last summer, and it was 1.56.

Irony is, I used to get paid in us dollars years ago and then it was always around 1.65 Evil

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25 Feb 2016 21:38
fucking hermes. idiot I bought some bike parts off on ebay has shipped them with hermes - will only try to deliver 3 times before returning item to sender. cant even reorganise it to be sent to some shop
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25 Feb 2016 21:52
swede wrote: fucking hermes. idiot I bought some bike parts off on ebay has shipped them with hermes - will only try to deliver 3 times before returning item to sender. cant even reorganise it to be sent to some shop

Don't they just take it to their local depot before returning to sender?
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25 Feb 2016 22:14
they dont have depots
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25 Feb 2016 22:32

Can I reschedule my parcel delivery?
In most cases, your courier will leave a contact number so you can get in touch directly to reschedule a delivery.
Note: As our couriers are self-employed they are not obliged to leave a contact number.

Your courier will automatically make three attempts to deliver your parcel, usually on consecutive days, before returning the parcel to the depot to await further instructions. If you have missed the first attempt, they will leave a card notifying you of the next delivery date."

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25 Feb 2016 23:50
the card says "after 3 failed re-deliveries the item will be returned to sender".. weird as
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26 Feb 2016 15:28
What you doing in the States bill? Moved out there?
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26 Feb 2016 17:07
Hermes will return to the depot and pretty much send it back within a day or two. They won't contact the company/person that sent it to tell them it's been returned so your best bet is to contact the company/person and ask them to speak to Hermes.
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26 Feb 2016 18:20
Why not arrange it to be shipped to an address where your actually going to be in?
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posted 6 Apr 2016 07:06, edited 6 Apr 2016 07:06
Dumb privileged young american kids on grailed who have obviously never been told no before.

"I'll give you $70'

"Yeah, go on then. But as I'm doing you a favour, could you do me one? If I'm sending these to you for $70, could you also send me $50 in the post as well? Soon as I'm doing you a favour?"

"are you serious?"


Another has opened a claim against me for refusing to accept a return. I sold him a OL top 6 weeks ago. Did him a good deal and took a hit on postage to the US. He immediately relisted it for sale when he received it, using my pics, my description and my original (pre-discounted) price. Laughing out loud It's not sold in the 6 weeks and is now listed below the price he paid me, so now he's contacted grailed making a claim. Little fuck.
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6 Apr 2016 07:28
burny Sad what a cunt. it won't come through though
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6 Apr 2016 07:53
Grailed is such a shit site and it has been only getting worse,

especially now that they help themselves to nearly 10% in fees for literally zero service.
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15 Apr 2016 15:11
Easyjet absolute CUNTS!

Flight was delayed 3 hours. Got a notification from the app in the morning saying my afternoon flight was delayed 3 hours and gave me a new departure time. Pain in the ass but no worries i can still make it work. Mess around home and then make my way to the flight. Go to check in my sports equipment (weekend away snowboarding) 1.5 hours before my new departure time, only to be told that baggage check actually closed 2.5 hours ago…….informed by the lovely helpful counter staff that although the flight has been delayed the baggage check time isn't effected at all and i am unable to check my bag. Escalate my issue with supervisor and am told the same deal……he then explains that although this isn't made clear by the app and the notification they send out if you go on the full website and check the terms and conditions this is clearly explained and "maybe next time i book a flight i should read all of the terms and conditions before booking" No more available flights that day, next available flight (which i would have had to pay for) the following day rendering the non refundable hire car void, the first night accomodation void and would only have given enough time for one day, rather than 2, snowboarding possible so whole trip becomes an expensive waste of time.
They even had the cheek to tell me if i don't want to check the bag, and can offload it and come back, I'm still well within time to catch the flight with just hand luggage.

Why the fuck would you tell me the flight is delayed three hours if i still have to turn up at the original time!

*Vent Over*
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15 Apr 2016 16:23
Vent away, that sounds appalling, especially since they admit the app doesn't make it clear.
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15 Apr 2016 16:51
shocking that… i can imagine the brain bleeders behind the desk being "really helpful" Eek
what if the flight was 6 hours delayed ?…. your supposed to turn up 6 hours early???
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3 May 2016 15:01
The arrogance and ignorance of undeserved or unqualified superlatives really annoys me.

This has been a long-held gripe for me but it's come to the fore again with Leicester winning the English Premiership and it being described as things like "the greatest sporting success story ever". Even if you narrow it down to just English football is probably still not "the greatest sporting success story ever".

Another one that really annoyed me was when a few years ago Jack McConnell started using "the best small country in the World" as a slogan to promote Scotland. I think Scotland's great and will bang on about it to anybody, but the statement always struck me as very arrogant.
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3 May 2016 15:25
mAK Shocked completely shocking
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31 May 2016 20:24
These fucking shitty brands popping up everywhere doing these gay layering Kanye baggy shit iterations. Prime example REPRESENT - horrendous how they have completely bitten a whole look and are making money off it. Fair play but the sheer balls to go on like they are some original brand
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31 May 2016 22:27
It seems like they're making ridiculous money too (if real);=en