Menswear: Gustin Clothing

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15 May 2014 20:06
Anyone ever bought any of their gear? Want to get their waxed trucker jacket but fuck paying their P&P plus duties - anyone had success in getting it posted within the USA to a proxy?
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15 May 2014 20:51
PM Sayword about a proxy
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16 May 2014 10:04
Completly unaware of this, so thanks for the heads up? What's it like in the flesh , anyone seen it?
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16 May 2014 10:30
Can't comment on the trucker but I got some jeans (no proxy though). Pain to wait 3 months though and sizing can be inconsistent (mine were sewn slightly too large in comparison with their measurement guide).

One of the bay here (not mine):;=item4ad548ae8a

Would ask for exact measurements though.
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12 Aug 2014 14:17
Bought three pairs of jeans from them - two pairs got through without Customs getting hold of them and arrived within four days of shipping from San Francisco. The other pair did get stopped by Customs, they whacked on 20% plus £8 for the priviledge and delayed the delivery by a week into the bargain.

Gustin's shipping to the UK for jackets recently just dropped from $60 to $30, which makes it a bit easier to swallow.

Pot luck with the Customs thing, basically.
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26 Apr 2021 20:00
Anyone buy any of their stuff recently? Had a look on their site and it looked like they were doing some pieces using quality materials for reasonable prices.

Curious what the quality would be like.

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29 Apr 2021 04:45
quality is good, their business model lets them be very competitive pricewise.

Sizing is difficult, I am usually an M but the one shirt i've bought was too snug and so no returns effectively (due to cost and not getting your import duties back).

I am still considering their jackets and might take a punt on the field jacket, the waxed fabric is great and the slim fit looks amazing, and then if it fails just put it on ebay to try and recover cost