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18 Aug 2010 10:53
All you need is hair spray. My hair is very coarse and goes wavy when it's long and the best thing I found was to use a small amount of VO5 texturising gum to style it and then hair spray to set it. American Crew Fiber or Redken Maneuver would work just as well if you want a matt finish (I've got really dry hair so can't use them) but the main thing is to use hair spray to hold it.

I also found that wax was the worst thing for my hair when it came to it going curly when it got hot/humid
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18 Aug 2010 11:05
Hmm - you might be right. I have always stayed away from hair spray as straightening my hair gets me enough ribbing from my mates for being a woman, without them seeing cans of hairspray piled up in my room! Any recomendations for a good hair spray?

I'll take a look at the American Crew Fiber and the Redken Maneuver for the intial styling as the VO5 stuff I am using isn't great - it is just the best I have found available from Boots etc.

Looking at the descriptions for the dust stuff it doesnt seem that it would give enough hold to my hair for the style I want.
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18 Aug 2010 11:11
This works fine

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18 Aug 2010 11:16
robii wrote: All you need is hair spray.

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18 Aug 2010 11:24

Laughing out loud

Didn't recognise myself at first as that photo doesn't really look like me. I should add a new one to the thread
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18 Aug 2010 11:49
Laughing out loud
you look too natural as a woman. (no homo)
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18 Aug 2010 11:57
this ftw, best hairpsray ever
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18 Aug 2010 22:24
fukers who use hairspray, do you put some clay/wax in first then use spray or just spray on its own??
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19 Aug 2010 00:31
Used to use that as well mob until my hairdresser sold me a bottle of rockarolla. My hair is about 3-4 inches at the front and when i use tresemme i have to use so much it does shiny instead of the matt from the clay, and it drops back down after about 30mins. But rockarolla can last me good 5-6 hours.

This is what my hairs like now and with rockarolla the front can stay in shape for good 5-6 hours.

and max, i normally do clay then spray

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19 Aug 2010 00:36
Looks cool Master, does remind me of someone though with the glasses.

(one for the rolex thread as well I guess)
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19 Aug 2010 00:38
Get it all the time Sad

I love my glasses and Im thinking of changing them cos of this fucker Evil
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19 Aug 2010 00:43
Tokyo wrote: If anyone is looking for a product with a nice matt effect I can recommend the chalk matt powder from Lakme.
Just received it and I think it's great. Best matt effect I ever received from such a product.

Anyone got any experience with it and can tell me how long the box lasted? cause it looks really small and only 10g.

mine arrived today and wore it tonight, can agree it's deff the best matt product i've ever had and stayed dry all night as when i used fudge it always went abit greasy… looks like it'l last a while too since you only need a tiny bit
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19 Aug 2010 00:55
Master, link to rockarolla please
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19 Aug 2010 01:01
Definitely use wax/clay then hairspray for the quiff.
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19 Aug 2010 01:01
Master is a good looking FUK and I'm guessing looking like Gok Wan would only get you untold attention (double no homo)
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19 Aug 2010 01:13
i know y'all look alike but that is a serious doppelgänger
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19 Aug 2010 08:08
morrisey haircuts are so played and gay. I saw a dozen in Sydney on the weekend.

I got a chinaman haircut as usual and some more nakano. too bad the morrisey hipsters have played heritage eyewear aswell, have to get some `40s style wire frames like I had in the `90s again.

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19 Aug 2010 09:14
Randomly found a can of that hairspray you recommended Robii - must have been my bird's that she left round here - used it this morning after styling with my usual wax.

I used what I thought was quite a lot but can tell that it hasn't got the hold that I am looking for. A slight gust of wind or humidity would totally ruin my style and convert it back to shit wig. I really need something with the hold of a firm gel - maybe just another really firm hold hairspray (will check MoBs suggestion) and one of the waxes that have been mentioned.

Looked for that rockarolla stuff but can't find anything on the net?
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19 Aug 2010 09:15
MLI wrote:
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19 Aug 2010 09:22
sorry, just checked its actually called rockaholic Laughing out loud

heres a link, cheap on here too. Paid £10 for mine