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20 Jan 2014 08:23
Going to be staying in Hamburg for 2 days before traveling to the Alps. Anyone know of any decent stores or restaurants there?
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20 Jan 2014 09:19
what brands are you normally after and any particular wishes for the restaurant?
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20 Jan 2014 11:25
This Dim Sum Restaurant is very good:
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20 Jan 2014 12:50
Just basic european stuff such as apc, acne, ol, norse etc.. And for the restaurants pretty much just some good steaks, seafood or pasta.

@Shiney, cheers have to check that one out also!
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20 Jan 2014 13:31
just do brasses and eat mcdonalds
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20 Jan 2014 14:17
Laughing out loud
True though. Had a couple of great nights out there. If you're there over a weekend fishbroetchen at the fish market at 5am with all the pissheads after a night out is a must.
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20 Jan 2014 14:18
There's a branch of the Berlin burger favourite The Bird there - - the Berlin one is seriously good.
For all your beef needs try there or Schlachterbörse -

It hardly needs saying I'm sure but for a night out look no further than the legendary Golden Pudel - might be up your street but I've never gone clothes shopping in Hamburg, only Berlin.
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posted 20 Jan 2014 16:07, edited 20 Jan 2014 16:07
best acne store i've been to, def. worth a visit.

for norse, ol:

cheap(ish) good food: (pizza) (vegan/vegetarian)

yep…the bird is great for burger, never been to schlachterboerse…looks pricey Puzzled
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21 Jan 2014 17:59
Cheers rataxis and shame! The bird was such a great burger joint, so good. And ybdpt had final reductions, everything -70% and lots of pieces left of my liking. Got insanely good deals on items I missed online. Thanks shame for the tip!
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21 Jan 2014 18:59
go to St Pauli
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20 Apr 2016 10:28
Anyone been recently and got any bars/restaurants/cafes tips?
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20 Apr 2016 17:24
The Bird Burger Restaurant has a division there which is very good. I was there at New Year so not much else help unfortunately. Also Golden Pudel the club burned down as far as I know, which is a shame because it was decent.
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20 Apr 2016 22:08
Live in Berlin so don't need to go to the bird, but got a few places from elsewhere. Cheers anyway.
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21 Apr 2016 11:03
cuneo (for me the best italian in hamburg)
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21 Apr 2016 18:23
hamburg is a shithole, avoid
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8 Mar 2017 10:12
Heading here next weekend. Any recommendations on clubs/bars with the constantly mentioned Golden Pudel closed until further notice?