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21 Nov 2020 18:39
Jimmy! Laughing out loud

Jimmy was so much fun back in the day. Learnt a lot of photoshop skills thanks to him.
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21 Nov 2020 18:56
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22 Nov 2020 00:12
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22 Nov 2020 10:11
Happy 25th. Did you ever think it would last this long Brad?

Massive Fuk unmeet (post rona)?
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posted 24 Nov 2020 19:42, edited 24 Nov 2020 19:42
Hanto wrote: My question is what happened 25 years ago to inspire the site in the first place?

Otherwise Jimmy Hill jawdrop

Long story short: in 1994 Ben and I were struggling with 14.4k modems and the strings you needed to make them work - it was seriously 'hello world' time for the internet etc.

He'd been DJ-ing in Prague (as you do..) and wrote an article about it for 24Seven, whose editors were Marian (now and for nearly half my fucking life, my missus) and Owen.

Anyway, we got online and thought of merging the 2 things: editorial and internet, so came up with our first website, built in December '94, published in January '95, called FiX, which, in our idealist the-internet-is going-to-free-the-world heads, stood for Free Information eXchange.

#20 from 1996 is still there in the brilliant WayBackMachine web archive

The original FiX #1 from Jan '95 is only on my back-up and I've posted it below, unedited, so be warned of very old html and navigation and image glitches, as well as some slightly dodgy wording (funky ffs?), though it's interesting looking at '90s html in modern browsers working reasonably ok. No cookies, css - bare bones shizzle.

The fashion side of that worked out and we ended up doing the original sites for the Arcadia group (TopShop and so on ..) until they realised that the web was here to stay and took it all in-house.

We still wanted to publish ourselves, so fuk became a thing, covering London Fashion Week and other cocaine-fuelled shenanigans, but also giving you bastards a platform for your fashion wars.

Couldn't do it again in my dotage, but fun times all the same ..

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24 Nov 2020 20:05
Sorry, I'm really coasting down nostalgia lane here, but this snippet from 1994 made me laugh:


"New York and Milan were fine for a while," says South London supermodel-authoress-pop star, "but I really missed The Studio". Ms Campbell is now a regular at Streatham's premier night spot. "You have to watch out for the muggers round the toilet. It can get pretty nasty sometimes, there's always taxers and homies who reckon just because I'm a supermodel they gonna get a shag off me. I tell them straight - go fuck yourself."

Returning to her home town has given Naomi the opportunity to connect up with her old school friends. "I hang out with my mates a lot," she explains, "it's the main thing to do round here. Most of my schoolfriends have got kids and are working the street. We meet outside the bowling alley and ususally work the Radio Rentals shop. It's dope!""