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1 Apr 2019 07:31
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troll wrote:
Burt wrote:
DuffMan wrote: dre beats are a con, sound quality for the price is appalling compared to decent manufacturers
Despite my insistence on not buying 'cans' I went for the solo HD's in the end…

…whilst I don't consider myself an aficionado when it comes to headphones they're by far better than anything I've ever owned (I've had a coupla pairs of Sennheiser and some Sony's in the past), I'd say that they're ever so slightly bass heavy but the sound is crisp, there's very little bleed, they're comfortable (to the extent that I've worn them for 5 hours straight on a train journey) and I didn't feel that much of a prick wearing them in public.

would have to put the aiaiai tma-1 above those they are absolutely fantastic, sound is clarity itself and the bass is the right side of heavy.

and with the minimalistic styling guarantees you not to look like a nonce.

been enjoying the different combos that they offer. a couple years banging em around and they still work Cool