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31 Mar 2017 10:28
Rdes1974 wrote: whats the best for headphones noise cancellations headphones?

Bose QC35 - expensive, but super comfy and quiet (as the name implies) - used my friend's pair on a trip and was very impressed
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31 Mar 2017 14:46
^order through for the best price
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31 Mar 2017 17:20
brodie wrote: ^order through for the best price

Good knowledge, comes out at £250 on .es compared with £330 on amazon uk, a huge saving!
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posted 2 Apr 2017 08:47, edited 2 Apr 2017 08:47
I have the Bose, but the MDR-1000X that came out a bit later is slightly better. Hand on earcup feature is nice too.
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4 Apr 2017 11:16
Got a pair of headphones from Jabra, pretty good.. esp. for its price.
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posted 19 Apr 2017 19:22, edited 19 Apr 2017 19:22
Just received these bluetooth beaters for gym

So far so good - Bass is decent
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23 Apr 2017 13:28
Currently have a HD650 with a ifi iDSD micro.
Might get these if they fix the immediate problems next restock:
Being compared to fucking good ones but at a 1/3 of the price.