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posted 21 Dec 2018 10:57, edited 21 Dec 2018 10:57
For home listening I'd go with Grado labs

Has anyone tried Phonon?the SMB 02 and 4400s are supposed to be great, I'm not entirely sure I believe the hype though
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22 Dec 2018 07:45
beardywierdy wrote: Iem or full size?

LEM? - not much of an audiophile so not sure what this means?

Wireless preferably
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22 Dec 2018 09:23
Sorry, meant iem- ( in ears)

I just picked up the Sony wireless xm3, probably the best wireless/noice cancelling around at the moment
Around £300, a bit more than you want to pay but worth it. You can pick the previous model up (xm2) for around 150, they are meant to be very good too.
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22 Dec 2018 09:46
How does Bluetooth compare to a solid connection? Recognise they are for commuting / travelling but I guess audiophiles wouldn't go near a bluetooth set for home use despite the added convenience?
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22 Dec 2018 09:52
Cable is best usually. They normally provide cables that are at least 2m long to compensate from being sat away from the source and an adapter for a phone jack. Someone like Shure or Audeze as an example.
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22 Dec 2018 10:12
If you have Aptx technology in the source and headphones, the stream is supposed to be high quality but i don’t think it can compete with wired connection.
I have high end headphones connected to a DAC for home use but the Sony’s are my go to for walking around.