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13 Jul 2019 14:25
3rd pair due to them malfunctioning? I thought I had sworn off getting another in ear, but am awfully curious about those campfires.
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posted 13 Jul 2019 17:37, edited 13 Jul 2019 17:37
1st pr from eglobal, v bad service, sounded off like a wire was shorting out - contacted CA they swapped advising not to deal with them as not authorised and known to sell snide goods.

Replacement pair came apart, the plastic inside had shattered inside one of the units and the tip metal piece came away from the body, probs because they're quite a weight when moving around (not in the ear) they can bang together with a bit of force, looked like a freak breakage & only had them 2 weeks. No Q's asked CA replaced, can't fault their customer service at all.

3rd set going well for a few months, no damage, audio quality is great with mainly spotify premium and the odd FLAC as source, would put them up there with others costing much more.
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13 Jul 2019 17:56
Dee wrote: Those M7 Sony's top IEMs? Must be good they're a fair whack.

Had the 4 and the 4rs both were great but didn't like the way Westone went with their designs after them and I broke both pairs, the shells kept splitting so handle with care (I typically don't).

Comply's are normally ok other than they get a bit grubby after a while and need to refresh, never had a better seal with any others. I'm sure I've got a couple of bags of silicone tips, have a few spares somewhere as on my 3rd pair of Campfire Audio!

I've had then for a few years now as my Shure Se535s got run over! The designs don't look as good now I agree, plus I got them imported from the states as they were cheaper. Will have a look around. Is your case still intact? The handle on my broke Peli don't do one small enough!
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13 Jul 2019 17:59
case went with them, good to hear I'm not the only one with bad luck and headphones.
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posted 14 Jul 2019 01:07, edited 14 Jul 2019 01:07
Dee wrote: Those M7 Sony's top IEMs? Must be good they're a fair whack.

They're good. Not the flagships tho, not even made in Japan, which is crazy at that price. These days you got the M9s above them, almost double the price. Then you got the IER-Z1R, elite pricing. THEN you got this crazy Japan Sony only custom shit called Just Ear which is basically just for millionaires and celebrities? Base price for the top model is about $4000 then you gotta pay extra for fitting and shit.

I got a feeling that the M7s are the best bang for buck, once I figured out the high gain setting on my ZX300 they really sing, balanced need more power apparantly. Def the best portable audio (or audio in general) I've ever experienced and surpass my much loved MZ-RH1 HiMD unit. Barring failure or theft will run this setup for a decade or more, like I did with my last IEMs, the excellent EX700s. I look after my stuff. Will probably have to get the battery changed out on the ZX300 after a few years. I still hate modern tech for a lot of reasons, hardwired batteries is one of em.
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21 Jul 2019 18:22
nice one dee.
more to consider with the sonys mentioned..
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7 Aug 2019 09:51
looking for some wired earphones, no more than £40.
my second pair of OnePlus bullets have just died on me Sad

was thinking these?;=1565171695&s;=gateway&sr;=8-10
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7 Aug 2019 09:57

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7 Aug 2019 11:29
perfect, had those before and loved them, but they were 50 on amazon.
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23 Aug 2019 21:36
Anyone try those new Sony xm in-ears yet?
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30 Aug 2019 20:07
Sony's felt too flimsy for the buck (I'm a clumsy fucker so would definitely break 'em), these feel bomb proof - sound quality from my perspective seems great.
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30 Aug 2019 20:35
Nice. Love my Beats. Not sure why they are looked down on, proper well made and great sound.
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30 Aug 2019 21:24
Got a pair of AirPods I can let go cheap if anyone’s interested?
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31 Aug 2019 08:59
No I'm not interested in your shitty earpods
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31 Aug 2019 14:47
amazing pair of in ear headphones are these on amazon, £20 and crazy good. Bit too much base at times but rather too much than too little;=headphones&qid;=1567263101&s;=gateway&sprefix;=headpho%2Caps%2C157&sr;=8-9
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26 Sep 2019 07:09
sodomgomorra wrote: Anyone try those new Sony xm in-ears yet?