Menswear: Help - stains and washing disasters

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6 May 2014 09:06
Pink stains on clothes? Does rit colour remover work?
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7 Oct 2014 17:36

Best way to remove denim bleed from a white cotton / oxford shirt?
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9 Oct 2014 09:22
found a rucksack in the loft but the nylon has gone hard/crinkly is there anyway to restore it
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posted 9 Oct 2014 11:44, edited 9 Oct 2014 11:44
the zip has come off a Gyakusou running jacket i have. There doesnt appear to be any damage to the zip pull or the teeth. Any way to fix this?
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12 Oct 2014 19:58
Seems like the best thread to ask in. Is this washable in any way? Even a cold hand wash?

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12 Oct 2014 20:02
Dryclean only
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12 Oct 2014 20:12
Thanks, thought that might be the case.
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10 Nov 2014 11:09
Got drinks spilled all over my OL lab jacket on Friday, just got it back from the cleaners and it's still noticeably stained Cry

Lost cause, or should I try a different dry cleaners?
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posted 14 Nov 2014 13:26, edited 14 Nov 2014 13:26
came down to find my washing machine on 90 degree not 40, mixed load, instantly stopped and drained it but seemed to be some bleed from some garments, anyone ever used the dr beckmann colour run remover with any degree of success?
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14 Nov 2014 13:38
Nike Air Max 1 OG's…barely worn and spilled red wine over the white. Best way to try and remove the stain?
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12 Jan 2015 14:00
I have a black, oily mark from a dirty bike chain on an off-white pure wool jumper. There are loads of different methods online, so much so that I've no idea what route to go. Any suggestions?
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12 Jan 2015 14:01
dab carefully with white spirit
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12 Jan 2015 14:25
Have used stain devils oil / grease removers with success before.

What do we reckon to giving knits that say handwash only a very gentle machine wash (30 degrees, wool cycle etc), terrible idea?
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12 Jan 2015 14:38
I'm really reluctant to wash this thing because I don't want to change the fit and lose the scrunchy feel of the wool (it's an SNS Stark).
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12 Jan 2015 19:00
Never had an issue washing my sns knits - hand wash setting.
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12 Jan 2015 20:02
Hi, wonder if anyone can help me with this one. I accidentally washed the outer-shell of my OL shield parka (concrete) not realising it was dry-clean only. Once dried it had white marks all over, took it the dry-cleaners but no joy in removing the marks. Is the jacket a write-off or is it possible to dye it black to cover the marks? Any suggestions would be most appreciated!
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3 Jun 2015 20:58
Best way to wash this
Says 30 degree wash but don't trust so not sure whether to dry clean or hand wash?
Any suggestions appreciated…
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6 Jun 2015 17:55
Any doubt then just dry clean it. I don't see the point in taking the risk.
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28 Jun 2015 16:43
Any tips on ink removal on a shirt?
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12 Aug 2015 18:01
Best way to clean suede shoes?