Menswear: The 'Whistle And Flute' Thread..Everything To Do With 'Suits' In Here!!

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2 Aug 2006 23:29
After a cheapish suit for work. I dont need to wear a tie however.

I only have 2 suits at teh moment a dkny and a boss. The boss is a nice cut but its too big for me now and its not very durable it gets manky at the slightest thing.

Reason i need a new suit is that i have been hitting the gym hard recently after going single. Result is that i have lost a stone in weight and it really shoes with the other suits. What i would like is a more fitted suit

Was thinking Next or Marks for a decent suit for not much dough. Dont particulary want to spend more than 200 quid.

I am in Edinburgh by the way.

Any help appreciated
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2 Aug 2006 23:30
as above but i have to wear a tie, and im in london?
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2 Aug 2006 23:33
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2 Aug 2006 23:38
i would stay away from next on principle. i think the consensus was that M&S suits are probably best if you are on a budget. zara suits arent bad either, but they quality isnt the greatest…
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2 Aug 2006 23:51
Timothy Everest for Autograph at M and S, some really nice suits for just under £200. This one looks much nicer in real life, don't rate their photographer:
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3 Aug 2006 02:32
does autograph range start at 36s?
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3 Aug 2006 14:50
what veiny hands that fella has
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3 Aug 2006 14:56
Brian Damage wrote: does autograph range start at 36s?
Yeah, if your local store doesn't have the size you need they will check the central warehouse for you if you ask.
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3 Aug 2006 15:24
suits not suit's.

apologies, i know grammar pedantry is the lowest form of forum wit. it's not even wit. i can't help myself.
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3 Aug 2006 15:33
Yeah get yourself an autograph Suit from M + S. Means you can effectively buy a jacket a size down if you want it to look more fitted.

this one is really nice and the fullsuit is only £120. Can't go wrong really.;_Id=5852∏_Id=1847514

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3 Aug 2006 18:58
ive got some m&s suits and zara suits for work, all are quality. my next suit is rinsed, the quality isnt great.
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3 Aug 2006 19:16
Duffer suits in tkmaxx.

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3 Aug 2006 19:57
Smegy - get yerself to Slater's on George St. Go to the designer section and they usually have decent suits at cheap(ish) prices. I got a Joop suit for £250 that Harvey Nicks were selling for £450.

The one on Hanover St (can't remember the name - right hand side as you go up) someimes has decent suits in their sale. Don't know if it's still on. A month ago and you'd have caught HN, Jenners etc with their sales on.

You could always do a trawl of all the maxxes, but I'd imagine the larger ones at Meadowbank and Straiton would be your best bet.
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3 Aug 2006 23:21
Paul Smith suits are slim fitting. And if you can get to a outlet shop, they start at £250.
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3 Aug 2006 23:59
Paul Smith Suits in TKMAXX
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4 Aug 2006 00:09
Well thats tomorrow lunch time taken up lol

Got some Loakes the other day for 50squid with the sole intention of ebaying them, only to find they go for fuk all Sad
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18 Feb 2008 21:45
After a bit of advice regarding suits. Basically i've got a few major functions on over the next four months or so, which i'll need a suit for. I've never bought a full piece suit and am looking for a slim fitting/fitted suit for around £200 -£250, in black or dark navy blue but i'm open minded. Any suggestions or recommendations?
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18 Feb 2008 21:49
There's a quite a lot reduced on
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18 Feb 2008 21:56
There were a few nice looking ones for about that in COS the other day, didnt try one on though so cant tell you how it fitted.
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18 Feb 2008 21:59
Like a few have already mentioned, tkmaxx is not to be overlooked. There have been some very nice William Hunt suits and Holland EsQ (v.nice for the money) in our local.

Ebay is often a good cheap option, if your lucky you might find some Z Zegna, Holland EsQ or William Hunt for maybe ton fifty plus!

Jasper Conran at Debenhams have always been nice suits for the 250 mark off the peg, good material and nice cuts. Far superior to the usual tat on the high street, although I haven't had a look at these for a while. Crombie are also worth checking out, although they tend not to be on the slim side but the retailers will often offer some tailoring, often for free to clinch the sale. Crombie - House of Fraser.