Menswear: The 'Whistle And Flute' Thread..Everything To Do With 'Suits' In Here!!

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4 Jan 2020 14:28
snaye wrote: This is going to turn out well

look. not all of us can pop down uncle thom's for a new suit every fortnight
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4 Jan 2020 14:29
Burt wrote: Turning up at a wedding dressed as The Riddler would be topper I reckon. Do it, swede.

Laughing out loud Laughing out loud
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posted 4 Jan 2020 16:34, edited 4 Jan 2020 16:34
swede wrote:
snaye wrote: This is going to turn out well

look. not all of us can pop down uncle thom's for a new suit every fortnight

Corrrrr, calm down twinkle toes.

Plenty of good value options over here that will last you way longer than some shite knocked up by a two bob tailor.

Horror stories all over from Thai, Vietnam, etc had one made myself many moons ago and can tell you from experience don't bother. Save your cash and buy one from somewhere reputable over here that you can take your time over and at least take back for adjustments if required.
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4 Jan 2020 18:09
look mate, this is not the time or place to discuss your past bad experiences in Thailand……… i know you are still stuck in your perpetual "expensive = good" philosophy, but you need to let this one go

my neighbour has 2x from BeBe in Hoi an.. wears them day in day out (genuinely sells missiles for a living) and couldnt recommend them enough - he's even more of a jumped-up yuppie than you!
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4 Jan 2020 18:38
Never said expensive = good

Corr you're a bit grumpy about this…… hope everything's ok

Sounds like you know what you're doing. Crack on, I'm sure they will be great.
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4 Jan 2020 18:47
I was in India with 2 Americans who each had 2 suits made. They went back 3 times for ‘fine tuning’ (was only meant to go back once) and you could tell they were never totally happy with them but told everyone it was great.

I had a shirt made based on one I already had so the fit was decent but the material I chose ended up being crap….I reckon I wore it once….same with them and their suits. There’s just so many variables when it comes to clothes and different cultures and being made bespoke….even coatings on the fabrics make a difference. Is a good experience though and costs nada so worth a go.

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4 Jan 2020 19:05
Just post the pics when done Cool
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4 Jan 2020 20:36
Swedes had a heavy New Year’s Eve I reckon and still recovering Laughing out loud

Allow the money on dodgy whistles and spend it on cheap beer and brasses Cool Post the stories here. Noble would be proud.
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6 Jan 2020 18:25
Any good(inexpensive) tailors in Clapham SW area? Need some suit trousers tapering/taking up.
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27 Jan 2020 19:33
Where else is decent for suits other than Suitsupply for £300ish or under? Need a plain black suit for a funeral and they don't have my size in the only black suit they have that is appropriate.
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16 Apr 2020 08:54
suit supply outlet sale just had a restock

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16 Apr 2020 11:21
Cheers for that, spent money on suits I can’t wear to places I can’t go Laughing out loud

Did get a few nice bits though for decent money
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posted 12 May 2020 09:28, edited 12 May 2020 09:28
Are Drake's suits worth the money? Any opinions?

Bought one in their 30% off sale.
I don't ever wear formal stuff, this is for my wedding at end of Aug.
I really like Drake's style, so feel pretty good about it, hoping it fits well off the rack with minimal adjustments required.
Just wondering if I could/should have spent ~£850 on something bespoke.

Complicated as going into a tailors will be difficult atm, but also wedding likely to be postponed…
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12 May 2020 10:45
In and around that price bracket and given the occasion maybe look at Anglo Italian, similar style (soft tailoring) but nicer details/quality I reckon. I think they offer comprehensive alterations but not sure of cost. Drake's alterations I found very expensive (it's outsourced) so used my own person.

For reference I have had two Drake's jackets but not AI.

Agree that the tailoring/fit will make the biggest difference but quality of fabric and detailing is fixed.

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posted 12 May 2020 11:03, edited 12 May 2020 11:03
Thanks mate, appreciate the input.
Yeah, I do like Anglo Italian, but it is significantly more expensive
Paid £850ish at Drake's (30% sale), AI is £1,450. Unfortunately out of budget as I want new shoes/shirt/tie too.

Anyone else with Drake's experience, or sub-£1k MTM stuff, would be great to hear.
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13 May 2020 08:16
£850 wont usually get you something decent bespoke but would get you into MTM in good materials. If you dont have a completely weird body shape this should look good and certainly look a whole lot better than most off the peg. Equally a well tailored off the peg that fits fairly well in the first place can look as good. Needs to fit in the bits you cant adjust; shoulder width, chest volume, arm holes and jacket length mainly. Trousers are a lot more flexible.

Take a look at some of the suits on the Rake. Lots of lesser known italian made in excellent materials. Doherty, evans and stott in manchester do MTM with Caruso making the suits. 2 piece around 900 I think. There are plenty of other mtm offerings in the uk who use similar to Caruso, but they do a good job with the soft shoulder.

Massimo Dutti do a MTM in VBC fabric which is £450/ 2 piece and a full canvas 2 piece in loro piana for £800 I think. Fabric will be great, construction wont be as good as something at £850 but they are fairly soft in construction.
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13 May 2020 10:21
Perhaps take into consideration that you may be able to recoup a far higher proportion of the cost on resale with the Drakes than with lesser-known brands.
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13 May 2020 10:45
2nd hand suits Cool
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posted 13 May 2020 11:46, edited 13 May 2020 11:46
Cheers for the input Ginner. Would rather suitsupply than Dutting. Will look at The Rake.

Drake's landed.
Suit and shoes are new. Tie+Shirt can/will change out.

Think I'll be backing it, feels roomy but think the size down would be too small.
I'm usually a bang on 38.
Not sure material is right for the occasion either, plus it reminds me of my primary school uniform.
Bit of sale fever.

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13 May 2020 12:08
IMO ever so slightly big on the shoulders, but otherwise material, and trousers (once hemmed) look great.

For £800 however you'd probably back it as you'd want it perfect.