Menswear: The 'Whistle And Flute' Thread..Everything To Do With 'Suits' In Here!!

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2 Feb 2016 08:58
Burgundy safer bet, in particular if you go for some brown shoes.
If shoes are black, I'd go light blue
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2 Feb 2016 09:58
The right shade of yellow would work well I think for you
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2 Feb 2016 10:07
Thanks for all the pointers everyone, definitely food for thought.

I wish I could get a lairy seersucker one but ran it past the groom/bride and as I'm best man I have to wear Navy alongside the groomsmen (is that a thing though as I'd love to sack off the tradition and be a selfish bastard and wear something a bit more fun).

Everything recommended has been on point, so I guess now the question is where best to get it from? I was thinking more J Crew/dutti levels rather than the Boggi, Barena but if the suit is decent I will splash.

Also heading to HK next week, is that an option to get a tailor out there to make it?
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2 Feb 2016 10:25
my mrs goes to HK quite a bit and yeah suits etc can be bought and fitted dirt cheap there
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posted 2 Feb 2016 13:12, edited 2 Feb 2016 13:12
schtoop wrote: wearing a navy suit and white shirt for a wedding later this month, what colour tie would look good? Any formal fashion blogs that are good?

It's a wool our legacy suit with White gitman oxford

No tie will look better - be a maverick
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26 Mar 2016 18:05
got a john lobb belt for sale if any fuker is interested? 32-34"
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30 Mar 2016 15:59
Got a few weddings abroad this summer and need a decent fitted white shirt (not TM or CT) - any recommendations?
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31 Mar 2016 06:22
Dalveys or Thomas Pink.
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31 Mar 2016 07:19
i found pinks slim fit shirts fit really weird. big on the shoulders small on the waist and blousey arms.
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31 Mar 2016 08:21
Hawes and Curtis shirts fit quite well if you are a tad 'stocky' Harry Hill collars and std are available - cheap as chips too £100 for 5 usually. I use em for work, wear em for a couple of months, bin em and start again
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31 Mar 2016 10:13
Found the same with Pink MoB. Will give Dalveys a try cheers.
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1 Apr 2016 12:10
More expensive but I really like Canali's slim fit shirts. Good quality and fit.
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1 Apr 2016 13:24
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1 Apr 2016 20:38
Are Reiss suits any good?
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1 Apr 2016 22:18
Only if heavily discounted. Cut nicely but poor fabric for the money.
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6 Apr 2016 21:33
Ok. Thanks
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7 Apr 2016 13:35
Anyone make decent suits with elastine or similar woven into the fabric to give a some stretch?

Feel like a robot everytime a wedding/funeral comes around..
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7 Apr 2016 15:57
Been looking for something similar myself, have a Miu Miu one that has elastane in it thats great but needs replaced.
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7 Apr 2016 17:42
Mate, A properly fitting suit shouldn't be constricting. Is your suit too tight, or slim-fit?

Otherwise, Boglioli some very nice but relatively informal cotton suits that have a stretch to them.
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14 Apr 2016 20:22
A man at Thomas Pink in Heathrow sold me a slim fit shirt and when I got to New York it ripped when I decided to put it on in a hurry one morning with all the buttons already done up. Sad Good customer service though, they gave me two more free.