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5 Jun 2018 21:29
Seems very coincidental that J Prince’s book’s out in 2 weeks and now he’s doing daily interviews telling everyone how he stopped the beef. I’m sure that is true also but the timing is suspicious.
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8 Jun 2018 10:07
you young cats explain all this hipster rap bulls*t

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8 Jun 2018 10:12
Nah mate, sounds like bullshit to me too. Guy looks like every stereotype in the nan kid thread too. Must admit though its easier on the ears than the mumble rap bollocks.
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8 Jun 2018 12:21
it's a piss-take
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8 Jun 2018 14:08
Think it's being released today anyway but here's that Kanye/Cudi ep

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10 Jun 2018 02:31

really like this
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12 Jun 2018 11:04
Stories behind the pictures…