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21 Jan 2020 11:20
100% gotta be with the dog for at least a week or more (I've always done a couple and in the latter week maybe popped out for 10-20 minutes before returning), it creates a bond with the animal and also shows him/her who's 'master' of the house - youve gotta create a level of behavioural expectation immediately and be consistent in your commands and demands; this is easiest to do as early in their life as possible.

Plus, if they wake up and there's no-one about your house will be fucking ruined in minutes (I've never used an in-house cage/pen).
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posted 21 Jan 2020 11:20, edited 21 Jan 2020 11:20
Yup, deffo for the first week minimum, two weeks if you can. In that The Dog Listener book, it says that it takes a minimum of two weeks to do "Amichien bonding" with the dog.

If you're concerned about leaving him home alone for long periods of time for those 2 days, book a local dog walker to come in midday to walk the dog. Usually £10-£15 an hour, but depends on your location!
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21 Jan 2020 13:24
Sumbeam wrote: Couldn’t agree more in regards to Frenchies - lovely dogs but so stubborn.
I’ve got one, would love to get another. He’s 3 now though, so don’t know how well he’d take to another in the house.
Did you get all 3 together, Mod?

We’ve got 3 across 3 houses. I was worried when my parents got theirs, mine being 7 and him being there 2days 2nights a week when I’m working. He really took to the pup however and they’re like best pals. So much so I wish we had got another earlier! Can’t now as my mother would have 3x frenchies a few days a week and that’s a bit too much for her!
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21 Jan 2020 14:06
We've got a 7 month old puppy and ideally you'll need at least a couple of weeks at home, not sure how you're toilet training but he won't be able to go more than a couple of hours without a piss!

Rex, currently in the Supervet having his legs fixed Sad

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31 Mar 2020 09:00
Dog food. Is everyone on the raw train? Our rescue arrives some time after all this COVID shite, but while I have time on my hands I was looking at dog food. Seems raw is the way to go, but also we don't have much freezer space. What is everyone feeding their doggos?

The rescue shelter recommend staying on dry for sometime for both dog and owner to settle into routine before shifting things..
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31 Mar 2020 11:22
My misses makes all ours from scratch now, we used to have some frozen raw stuff delivered but it became a bit of a pain, she's just re launching her dog brand so I would imagine over the next few weeks when her websites back up and instagram she will have some info on making meals for dogs etc

if I recall right ours have a chicken thigh or drumstick raw with some chopped veg, sometimes sardines or boiled egg with the shell on (its good for them) and she usually makes a green smoothie as well, which i think on top of having their greens in has some natural supplements for their joints etc as ours are getting old now.

I'm not sure what she spends but I dont think its significantly more than the pre made we were getting and you know what's going in
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31 Mar 2020 13:27
We're lazy so get our delivered from Luna & Me

Box a week and they always deliver on the same day so there's someone here to receive it. Portioned out so just have to make sure there's 2 defrosted a day.

I would say though it takes up a whole freezer draw.

Only thing I'm not massively keen on is the amount of plastic.

Think it's £33/week
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31 Mar 2020 13:50
Cheers both.

Been looking at Luna and Me and also Butternut Box.. as well as 'better' dry stuff like this;
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28 Apr 2020 14:04
Targeted ads couldn't me more relevant…