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21 Jan 2020 11:20
100% gotta be with the dog for at least a week or more (I've always done a couple and in the latter week maybe popped out for 10-20 minutes before returning), it creates a bond with the animal and also shows him/her who's 'master' of the house - youve gotta create a level of behavioural expectation immediately and be consistent in your commands and demands; this is easiest to do as early in their life as possible.

Plus, if they wake up and there's no-one about your house will be fucking ruined in minutes (I've never used an in-house cage/pen).
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posted 21 Jan 2020 11:20, edited 21 Jan 2020 11:20
Yup, deffo for the first week minimum, two weeks if you can. In that The Dog Listener book, it says that it takes a minimum of two weeks to do "Amichien bonding" with the dog.

If you're concerned about leaving him home alone for long periods of time for those 2 days, book a local dog walker to come in midday to walk the dog. Usually £10-£15 an hour, but depends on your location!
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21 Jan 2020 13:24
Sumbeam wrote: Couldn’t agree more in regards to Frenchies - lovely dogs but so stubborn.
I’ve got one, would love to get another. He’s 3 now though, so don’t know how well he’d take to another in the house.
Did you get all 3 together, Mod?

We’ve got 3 across 3 houses. I was worried when my parents got theirs, mine being 7 and him being there 2days 2nights a week when I’m working. He really took to the pup however and they’re like best pals. So much so I wish we had got another earlier! Can’t now as my mother would have 3x frenchies a few days a week and that’s a bit too much for her!
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21 Jan 2020 14:06
We've got a 7 month old puppy and ideally you'll need at least a couple of weeks at home, not sure how you're toilet training but he won't be able to go more than a couple of hours without a piss!

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