General Discussion: How old were you when you created your account?

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13 Jan 2021 18:57
Hanto wrote: Fedora Lounge

Proper Nan territory

Think I was 17 looking Supreme gear. Now 27. Funnily enough the first thing I bought was from Zoom who happened to live literally behind my old house Laughing out loud
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13 Jan 2021 19:53
18 Eek
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13 Jan 2021 20:24
mid 20's came looking for Pushead dunks, not sure this is my OG account, 40 now Eek
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13 Jan 2021 21:26
24 and 32 now, probably came here for apc pns related stuff, epic fadez etc..
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13 Jan 2021 21:28
Remember the days of pinrolling denim before just sending it on to get tapered by the denim doctor et al
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13 Jan 2021 21:33
20, 32 now..
Hello World
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13 Jan 2021 21:42
27 now 42.

Looking for Nike dunk SB.

Lot of Life passed by in that time.
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13 Jan 2021 22:20
26 in 2009
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13 Jan 2021 22:23
17/18 now 28

remember rez gave me solid advice on uni applications in my early fuk days Laughing out loud
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13 Jan 2021 22:46

36 now!

I think the 10er a year for GJ is still decent value, every now and again there are some real bargains to be had in discounts and I like that side of the forum, I think it’s good when everyone’s shares the discounts, that’s the big draw for me!

Also enjoy a good witch hunt every now and again
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posted 14 Jan 2021 23:10, edited 14 Jan 2021 23:10
23…I'm 37 nowEek

Joined in the days of Supra Muska Hi top all white hype pics, Edwin Selvedge Jeans, Jordan IVs Mars Red, Kim Jones x Umbro Collabs, My first ever Stussy Hoodie bought from Jack and when Rirawin, Noble locks and Seenmy were daily posters

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14 Jan 2021 23:22
30, 40 now
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14 Jan 2021 23:32
Mid 20s, late 30's now, only forum I come back to daily/weekly
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15 Jan 2021 01:01

28 Cry
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15 Jan 2021 02:37
when i was 14. i'm now 23.

was really trying to find an apc detroit jacket and saw one here in the classifieds. then i peeped the wdwyt thread and was intrigued on how people across the world dressed Cool
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15 Jan 2021 08:19
17, I'm 35 now.

G Star A Crotch jeans and Abercrombie camo shorts were cool on here, back then Laughing out loud
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15 Jan 2021 13:42
I think I joined before 04 but there was some reset or something if I remember. I was in NZ in 04 and certainly joined before then as I think it was something to do with buying BAPE and other bits and bobs from Adam's website that he used to have selling JP items.
Probably around 30 when I joined…
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15 Jan 2021 14:17
Joined 2003
not enough fingers to work out age….47 Oops
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posted 15 Jan 2021 14:17, edited 15 Jan 2021 14:17
^^ got my first Bape tee from Adam. Was a Bape x Futura. Wwent to his flat in Leith (Edinburgh) to collect it!
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15 Jan 2021 14:35
Pretty sure it was when I first started going out to 'proper' clubs (Custard Factory), so about 16/17? Remember seeing some guy wearing BAPESTA's and thinking they were really cool, trying to get a pair brought me here.