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30 Mar 2015 23:01
phish wrote: what's better - f.lux or tranquillity?

I've had f.lux for a few years now and couldn't go without it. Brilliant app. Never tried tranquility.
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31 Mar 2015 09:59
DuffMan wrote: Random one, might cop an iPad while I'm in HK. Anyone know if it'll be cheaper in the airport or in town? Or no difference?

will be same price just go to apple in ifc or cwb approx 10% cheaper than in the uk
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8 Apr 2015 03:02
is there any way to watch sky go on google chrome with a mac?
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21 Apr 2015 15:21
any free software to convert mp4 to dvd?
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21 Apr 2015 15:21
need to burn to dvd too
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22 Apr 2015 17:40
iPlayer has suddenly started telling me I need to download Flash to work, though it's already installed? I'm on Chrome.

Also started getting some weird ads on pages that don't usually have them (ie. BBC iPlayer) if I click somewhere on the page it opens new tabs with annoying ads and pop-ups (as if the page itself has become an advert??). Ran a few Adware scanners (AdwareMedic) but it says it hasn't found anything… Any idea what else to try?

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1 May 2015 07:23
when do the new genius appointments come up? none avail at cabot circus at the moment. fucking fan in my retina mbp is making a really bad grating noise Cry
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4 May 2015 20:04
It's come time where I need to buy a laptop. Due to some of the programs I use at uni being more Mac geared, I'm looking at getting some form of Mac.

There are 4 options in similar price range (with student discounts etc)

In order of cheapest first

Macbook Pro 13 inch 2.5GHz

Macbook Pro 13inch Retina display 2.7GHz (same price as Macbook air)

Macbook Air 12inch 256gb

the new Macbook 256gb

which would people recommend? Will mainly be used for academic work with some light photoshop/and possibly basic GIS and basic video editing, as well as the normal watching films and pissing about on the internet.
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4 May 2015 20:24
pro retina unless you have to carry it around a lot
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4 May 2015 20:52
A fair amount but the extra 200g is going to make fuck all difference to me.

Main concern with the pro retina is the small storage (128gig)
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posted 4 May 2015 21:37, edited 4 May 2015 21:37
I'd recommend the Pro Retina for your uses mate.
Perfectly capable for all GIS stuff (Arc, QGIS with dual) and I think the larger retina display is so worth it.
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4 May 2015 21:43
I've just ordered the 128 macbook pro retina. It's got an SD card slot so probably going to get some extra storage that way.

The pro retina is the new model so if you don't get on with it you could sell it a year later for about what you paid anyway.
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posted 4 May 2015 22:49, edited 4 May 2015 22:49
yeah definitely do not go for the non-retina mbp. outdated machine, ssd and retina screen is amazing on the new one and 128gb is fine
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5 May 2015 07:49
I went for the non retina MacBook Pro, with 500gb storage, and i'm more than satisfied.

Personally Retina display wasn't an issue as i think it's mainly a professional feature, and the standard display is good enough for some basic editing.
My concern was storage, as i like to have all with me, and those 500gb solve any problem.
If you want to extend its life, just spec it up with some ram, as i did, and you're done.
I'm not a geek at all, but it's pretty easy, when prices will drop, to replace a SSD with some Flash storage. Just go on Youtube and check some videos.

In the end i think it's all about your personal preferences\needs.
Just don't go for the Air over the Pro Retina in case
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5 May 2015 09:18
retina is more powerful as well, not just about the screen.
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5 May 2015 15:28
yeah its also a lot lighter. they are discotinuing the non retina ones very soon
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posted 11 May 2015 12:53, edited 11 May 2015 12:53
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11 May 2015 14:13
Retina display is an absolute must.
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11 May 2015 14:32
OK. I am buying a Macbook Pro Retina 2015 256GB and I have a choice between:

John Lewis: £1163 after family staff discount and including their £130 added care (which extends the 2 years standard warranty cover for technological faults to 5 years, and gives you 3 years accidental damage coverage)

Apple: £1078 after student discount and including 3 years applecare.

Seems like a no brainer really but just checking peoples experiences, seeing if anyone has any alternative suggestions or knows of any better deals.
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11 May 2015 16:06
Paying £1078 for a macbook is just Laughing out loud