General Discussion: HQ Trivia Thread

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9 Apr 2018 08:25
I don't know if anybody else is into this but I thought I would share anyway.

It's a mobile game where you answer 12 questions for a chance to win a prize pot. Get a single question wrong and you are out of contention for the money. There is 2 games every week-day and once a day on weekends. Prize pot ranges from £250 to $300,000.

If anybody is interested in signing up use my referral username Aliboyw

Good luck fukers.;=en_GB
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9 Apr 2018 09:04
signed up and used your referral!
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9 Apr 2018 16:59
My referral is better: maxxpowwer

Or you can play the UK based Cash Show with a £1000 prize & use the code: XREECK