Menswear: I don't wanna get complements

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9 Dec 2019 14:47
figurine wrote:
Doogan wrote: I get Oasis jokes when I wear my EG Field Parka. You've gotta roll with it.
Ba dum tss

That's actually what they say to me when I wear it. Ruined it for me.
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9 Dec 2019 16:11
krisricey wrote: Was wearing a Patta tee before and my brothers missus kept calling me Pitta (bread) or Potato

Laughing out loud
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posted 9 Dec 2019 18:15, edited 9 Dec 2019 18:15
Was in a Marketing role previously (dress code was casual) and once wore the OG OL Light Blue Terry Shirt to work - completely forgot we had a company presentation in a hall with some important bods of the company present; I went in slightly bit late, first time I truly understood the following phrases head turner and also if looks could kill.

During the tea break, people came up to me trying to touch the shirt and asking what designer it was etc etc.

By the end of the break, I couldn't handle the attention and took it off and left it in the office - went back into the hall in a plain white tee.
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9 Dec 2019 18:34
I go in hot and then ease off. These Song for the mute collabs usually get worn in the first week then everything else seems tame
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9 Dec 2019 20:12