General Discussion: I have 15k(ish) to invest - please advise me!

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17 Mar 2020 13:32
I think a liquid emergency fund that could see you through 6-12 months should be peoples priority
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17 Mar 2020 13:37
Agreed. Only if you have lots of money on hand. And even then, how low could it go? Timing the market is always dangerous. I do think long term though you’ll make money
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posted 17 Mar 2020 13:52, edited 17 Mar 2020 13:52
Mancunia wrote: Do not have a clue about these sort of things but surely a good time to get in on the ftse?

you ever tried catching a falling knife?

once all this blows over there will definitely be excellent opportunities to invest though (once profit warnings etc. are all out of the way and the damage done can really be measured accurately). furthermore, investing in the FTSE100 index itself isnt always the best way - the ftse100 consituents will have changed significantly after this shake-up, so may not bounce back quite as you'd hope (unsure if EZJ and IAG will still remain in the top 100 now - new constituents in first friday of June)

investors chronicle have been shilling cineworld for the past few years now. it is crazy how far its fallen! will see if they ever recover
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17 Mar 2020 18:24
Yeah probably not a good shout for a big chunk. What do you mean by FTSE companies leaving and others joining? If some companies that were better did join the FTSE, wouldn’t that increase points?

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posted 17 Mar 2020 19:35, edited 17 Mar 2020 19:35
The FTSE100 is the top 100 companies (by market cap) listed on the FTSE. FTSE250 is the 101st-350th. As market caps change (due to falls in share price) companies are demoted or promoted to these indexes. this happens every quarter. wasn't clear in the first post

i also assumed you would jump to invest in the ftse100 - as this is what most people mean when they talk about the "ftse", including what all the newsreaders are referring to etc. - but you didnt so I apologize for that…

green is FTSE100 and orange is FTSE250. while the FTSE100 (biggest firms) does better in a recession as it is more resistant to economic cycles, the FTSE250 recovers much better. Investing in a FTSE allshare index might be best for you Smiling if you dont want to go down a managed fund route or individual equities
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posted 17 Mar 2020 19:38, edited 17 Mar 2020 19:38
If you’re unsure how the FTSE works (how companies leave or enter) I’d highly recommend spending the next few weeks understanding investments. Check out the Monevator blog ( or Reddit‘s UKinvesting sub for starters. Do this before you invest any money
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17 Mar 2020 20:09
To diversify your risk put some money in crypto whilst the markets currently tanked.

BTC is sure to recover, XRP also might be of interest.

But as others have said do some research before putting money in.
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18 Mar 2020 10:36
If you buy now buy over several days or weeks and buy for long term (pension). This way you spread your risk of timing the market. Overall I agree it should be a good time to invest, but on the other hand I think the US might go bonkers.
They are still vacationing and generally out and about. 20% have no health insurance at all and avoid going to the doctor / authorities at all costs and at the same time they show up to work no matter how ill they are because of no sick days and job insecurity. Could be a pretty fatal cocktail.
Also the Trump government is quite weak (lots of vacancies and everyone new in the job) so even if Congress approves stimulus packages etc. there are still a lot of questions about the government's capacity to carry out programmes.
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posted 18 Mar 2020 11:07, edited 18 Mar 2020 11:07
Razorlight123 wrote: To diversify your risk put some money in crypto

should definitely take this with a pinch of salt. you are diversifying your holdings but significantly increasing your risk. with crypto you aren't investing in a revenue generating company, you are just saying you believe that the value of the crypto will be worth more in the future. different people will shill you on the reasoning behind that
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18 Mar 2020 12:21
Majority of crypto sliding and nobody really knows how it will behave do they. Reckon the markets have further south to go still too, I'm keeping my money under the mattress for a little while longer at least.
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18 Mar 2020 14:00
Crypto will move in-line the economy. All alt coins are tied to Bitcoin performance and Bitcoin is tied to the real markets.

Defo quids to be made but no one can predict the bottom. If you don't know what you're doing or expect you'll need short-term cash, do not lump sum invest. Spread your buys and average down your cost over the next few months.
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posted 18 Mar 2020 18:58, edited 18 Mar 2020 18:58
If you’re just diversifying then look at precious metals or derivatives of such. Tends to go opposite way to the markets. Obviously not a great time to buy anything related to precious metals but if you buy when there’s a bull market in equities then you’re well kitted out to avoid major troughs as they should equal out
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20 Mar 2020 09:57
BTC has moved from 4k to 6k, I wouldn't jump in now - will most likely plummet again