General Discussion: I have 15k(ish) to invest - please advise me!

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28 Mar 2021 08:21
swede wrote:
themistake wrote: I dunno, big warning lights are flashing for me.
Why would you have such large amounts of money in an unregulated platform?

wouldn’t make the same mistake twice Sticking out tongue

Why do you seem so happy making fun at this?
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30 Mar 2021 20:40
^ The Mistake was very ballsy about FI at the time.

Wonder how much he lost. Hopefully not too much.
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18 Apr 2021 17:40
Anyone know how can I invest/buy shares in Canadian, Indian, Chinese companies? Places like Freetrade and Interactive Investor only let you buy UK and US shares.

Looking to buy a few Miners and Energy Companies but they are listed on the Canadian Stock Exchange, Indian, Singaporean etc.
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18 Apr 2021 19:40
Try degiro