Classifieds: ICR v Deth Killers Rare "I love You" Tee

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27 Sep 2006 21:28
On ebay:;=270034089426

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27 Sep 2006 22:28
Is that t-shirt uber rare now??? how much is it worth? ive still got 2x of them, one of which is at a girls house that i need back! argh!! i sold a fair few of these on here a few years back when they sent me out loads as a mistake when i ordered, made a fortune on them aswell.
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28 Sep 2006 07:15
is it in a medium? i need one.. sold mine ages ago.much better with just the 1 print on the front though
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28 Sep 2006 08:59
That one was a classic tee Mod. Sold mine on ebay and well regret doing it. Wont pick that up again i bet.