General Discussion: Incense/home smell recommendations

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1 Oct 2020 22:33

On point
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1 Oct 2020 23:26
Mothers India Fragrance for non-sickly incense. Sattva and Amrita are good starts.

Then St Eval for candles - bay and rosemary is the one of most natural smelling that’s pretty strong.

Also palo santo sticks.

All good prices for the quality imo
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2 Oct 2020 08:18
Are electric oil diffusers a bad idea then? I was thinking you could put it on a timer and have a good hassle free solution.
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2 Oct 2020 09:02
Stick a Teckin smart plug on one. Can schedule or operate it from anywhere.
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9 Jan 2021 09:03
Can anyone recommend some decent oils for the muji diffuser type things. I’ve been mostly using the Aesop ones the last few years which I love but am thinking of trying something new. I tried some standard ones from Amazon but they smelt really artificial and just weren’t so good. Sainsbury’s had great ones in the Uk but I can’t go there now so looking for some suggestions ! Thanks!
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9 Jan 2021 12:55
The few decent essential oils around are the miaroma range from Holland and Barrett, Neals Yard and if you can afford - Doterra (which are more for medicinal purposes and not recommended for diffusing). I wouldn't buy any other brand after trying some of those cheap online ones which smell so artifical.

Not tried neals yard, but sniffed a few of them and they are legit.

I use the miaroma ones for my oil burner and making creams. Standouts include - clary sage, ylang ylang, lavender, juniper, spearmint, peppermint and bergamot
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9 Jan 2021 13:28
Nice thanks !