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24 Aug 2016 08:37
because the photos are so boring. same shit over and over. no originality and no personality in that instagram
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24 Aug 2016 08:42
I dunno mate I reckon 90% of people on here would love there flats / clothes collections / lifestyles…
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24 Aug 2016 09:15
You get it but don't,
one of their fit would get "clean and simple"
one of their purchase would get "nice, where from, any discount"
It's not one of their fits or one of their purchases, it's the package
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24 Aug 2016 09:16
I followed that Fred bloke for a little while then thought, 'who is this helmet posting endless photos of the same old ubiquitous shite?'. Self-indulgent cunt with generic 'good' taste.

And I'm sick of hearing 'yeah but fair play to them, they're doing alright off it'. You could say the same of the Kardashians, it doesn't mean they aren't an embarrassing waste of oxygen.
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24 Aug 2016 09:33
A wash of cps acne supreme and furniture
It's the tastes of this forum or any menswear blog but he's made it all look a bit shite
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24 Aug 2016 10:20
joeyjojo wrote: I dunno mate I reckon 90% of people on here would love there flats / clothes collections / lifestyles…

cant read anything into their lifestyle on there, other than they take photos of white shoes. yeah sure his flat looks nice (bit pristine for my liking) and sure I wouldnt mind infinite common projects. but I am perfectly happy in my job researching cures to cardiovascular disease - you know, actually contributing to society
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24 Aug 2016 10:25
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24 Aug 2016 10:53
Laughing out loud
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24 Aug 2016 15:02
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24 Aug 2016 15:09
Laughing out loud
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24 Aug 2016 15:29
Laughing out loud
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24 Aug 2016 16:50
Didn't realise swede could actually be funny some of the time Laughing out loud
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24 Aug 2016 17:00
Laughing out loud
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24 Aug 2016 17:28

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25 Aug 2016 10:37
Can't believe a simple question led to all this Puzzled

That Fredrikrisvik is just another 'influencer', i personally think he is cool (albeit a touch contrived). His feed is samey, but for me the beauty of Instagram is seeing variation of accounts and styles rather than someone posting wildly different things. Jack of all trades master of none, comes to mind.

Anyway let's just flame another question and kill what little conversation is left on here
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31 Aug 2016 19:04
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31 Aug 2016 19:28
What were the pieces he put on his piece in that piece?
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1 Sep 2016 10:10
Just looked at that insta, had no idea it was possible to suck that much cock
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1 Sep 2016 10:39
Everything looks so new and sterile - while he is talking about buying pieces that last. Yet he buys 100 identical sneakers?
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posted 1 Sep 2016 13:28, edited 1 Sep 2016 13:28
That's a fucking Samsung TV ad, pathetic.

His design philosophy is meaningless, he's out of his depth. What he has is a shopping philosophy, and a smart phone. Utter wankcase, people are mugs.