General Discussion: Interesting London brands / people - not just fashion.

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posted 31 Aug 2017 16:01, edited 31 Aug 2017 16:01
Lads & well, lads.

I'm looking to produce a small video series on interesting London brands, companies, people, endeavours, whatever. Even wider from London if the opportunity is really exciting.

I'm looking at doing these at no cost to the people involved - it's more for extra stuff to get on my reel and generate more work from as a result.

I'm basically looking for things you guys have seen that you've thought was something a bit different, and could be a good fit for this.

Examples of who I'm looking at collaborating with …

Blenheim Forge - handmade chef's knives forged in Peckham -
Balamii Radio - Online radio station in Peckham, channeling the old pirate radio vibes -
Youandmusic Records -
The Bricks - handmade jewellery (like the Great Frog) -
London Cru - Wine made in London -
Clean Bean Tofu - London-made tofu

There's also a guy who lives near me who used to be a big shot in the Chinese cooking book game, who wants to do something new, so he'd make an interesting interview piece.

So, I want to mine the Fuk hivemind - you're lads about town who know what's going on. If the videos fail, it's an interesting thing to check out regardless.

Here's an example of the sort of thing we've done before - THE MAKING OF WT AUTHOR: Nº 1934

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posted 1 Sep 2017 14:00, edited 1 Sep 2017 14:00
This is pretty small scale and I'm not sure if it's interesting/cool enough for what you're looking for (semi just plugging it because he's a good friend of mine). But BRC Life is a small clothing brand that is rooted in sustainability, ecological processes and organic/natural materials and dyes etc. The brand owner Bleue is a cool guy, only 23 and think he's head of sustainability and retail bod at Oliver Spencer.

I actually shot a short video as part of a film internship last summer Chad Bayden would be cool to see something like that done professionally.

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5 Sep 2017 11:15
Yeah that's cool, definitely the sort of thing we could make a nice film off the back of.

Cheers phikz.
carl lewis
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6 Sep 2017 17:57
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6 Sep 2017 21:18
Thanks Carl, will check them out!
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6 Sep 2017 21:49
what about seenmy's missus dog lead company?
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6 Sep 2017 22:10
Story MFG

Hand Job Dye House

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7 Sep 2017 08:25
Would Horsebird count as really exciting?
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7 Sep 2017 08:28
Laughing out loud
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7 Sep 2017 10:02
Fucking hell forgot all about that Laughing out loud
carl lewis
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7 Sep 2017 16:35

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8 Sep 2017 20:57
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9 Sep 2017 10:30
When I'm 40 I'm only gonna wear SEH Kelly
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9 Sep 2017 18:38
Bulb, startup that is smashing the renewable, affordable energy supply game

You want to speak to Amit or Hayden. Both great people.
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11 Sep 2017 10:33
I've just swapped my energy over to Bulb, good shout.

Been following SEH Kelly for a while. It'd have to wait until I'm 40 because I sure as shit couldn't afford to dress exclusively in it now.

Maybe that'll be my mid-life crisis. Swap the sports car for three-yarn twill.
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11 Sep 2017 14:19
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12 Sep 2017 07:35
I'm going to second Labrum. Strong brand and Foday is a great guy.
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9 Dec 2017 12:13
just randomly remembered about this. anything occurred?
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posted 9 Dec 2017 23:39, edited 9 Dec 2017 23:39
Nothing yet - a few more bigger commercial projects dropped towards of the end of this year, which doesn't usually happen this late in the year for me. I was planning on getting some of these smaller projects going in the usual quieter time.