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posted 18 Jun 2021 12:10, edited 18 Jun 2021 12:10
Subject of garden furniture, can anyone recommend a hanging parasol (one that isn't centred) that can tilt? and an accompanying base that isn't fugly.
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posted 18 Jun 2021 22:09, edited 18 Jun 2021 22:09

We have this IKEA one and it's been holding up well, one we had before we weren't too happy with. Pretty windy spot where we have it and no issues at all. It's rectangle shape. You can turn it 360 degrees and it's tiltable. Not the nicest out there obviously but big and sturdy.

As a base you can use tiles/bricks or whatever as long as you get it to weigh over 90kg.

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19 Jun 2021 10:27
Really nice and big outdoor space buddy ^^^
Is that London?
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posted 19 Jun 2021 19:56, edited 19 Jun 2021 19:56
Can anyone ID the table in the photo? Looks like a Hay Loop but the frame is different…

Also looking for a similar rug if you've seen one…

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20 Jun 2021 17:30
Looks like Ikea Lerberg trestle legs with a plywood top and a pretty standard jute rug - Ikea's Lohals range are pretty good as far as jute rugs go.
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21 Jun 2021 07:37
we just got this jute rug -
pretty nice for not too much £