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22 Feb 2021 17:53
Punch the clock occasionally have a few interesting planters, seem to have sold what they had for the time being.
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22 Feb 2021 22:14
Seventyfour wrote: Pow pots do some nice ones, pricey for the big ones though.

thanks, love the designs, just got one - thank you!
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26 Feb 2021 12:37
anyone in London know of anyone shifting a cesca chair?
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26 Feb 2021 18:52
We are about to make an offer for an apartment with large windows, but it is currently missing one room for one of our kids.
We were thinking about creating another room next to the first one but the challenge is that it will have no direct access a Windows / natural light. We were thinking of installing a wall glass panel / industrial glass between the two rooms.

Any thoughts ? If anyone has seen similar setup, please share pictures of it for inspiration.