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10 Jun 2013 10:41
Laughing out loud
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10 Jun 2013 13:55
Laughing out loud
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10 Jun 2013 14:01
Smiling boom boom.

"Also, white tvs tend to look shit whenever I've installed them."

totally disagree with this. people who have predominantly white rooms, why would you choose a black telly over a white one?

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10 Jun 2013 14:14
Because you barely see any of the white and the screen is always black…..of the 205 tv's on the Currys Website only 3 of them are white. So your choices are quite limited as well.
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11 Jun 2013 17:37

Anyone know where I can find the same/similar shelving unit to that?
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11 Jun 2013 17:58
Could do with something like that myself
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11 Jun 2013 18:26
Its dieter rams universal 606 available through vitsoe which has been widely discussed & posted in this thread most recent by dee a few pages back.
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11 Jun 2013 18:27
Double post
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12 Jun 2013 18:55
Another place I did in Notting Hill. Didn't get much pics of the AV, more of the house really.
I like how its modern, with vintage/old pieces thrown in here and there.

White TV for Evers

Like this chandelier
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12 Jun 2013 19:04
eazypz wrote:

Needs a bigger tele…looks a bit lost. Also are they Sonos speakers?
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12 Jun 2013 19:15
Thats a 42", client didn't want bigger than that as he didn't want it to be the main feature.
Its not Sonos, its QTV2 by Q-Acoustics, pretty good for what it is actually.
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12 Jun 2013 19:46
on about TVs i watched a film with matthew mcconaughey -

he had a wall between his kitchen and living room (or bedroom) and the tv in a gap but could spin/rotate it round. so you could watch it in either room. looked good.
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15 Jun 2013 10:55
someone was asking about hexagonal tiles via pm

found these this morning…

avail in uk via
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15 Jun 2013 21:31
Ideas for nice extractor hoods?
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15 Jun 2013 21:39
depends on your kitchen but I'd avoid choosing an extractor as a feature, looks totally tacky imo. Always prefer discreet designs that don't take over.
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20 Jun 2013 16:51
Helping my rents pick out some stuff for new place, they like mid century modern and danish a lot (with the rest of the world). Best places to go for vintage in London? Stuff needing repair etc is fine, are there any places to find bargains left?
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20 Jun 2013 17:36
dwell has went into administration….maybe some bargains to be had?

never bought from them so cant vouch for quality.
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20 Jun 2013 18:44
Massiv wrote: Ideas for nice extractor hoods?

get one that vents outside, otherwise it serves no usefull purpose except an expensive light.
get one that is easy to take apart to clean, nothing looks more vile than a grease encrusted extractor fan.
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20 Jun 2013 20:23
partially agree with this.
venting outside is better than in but filter ones work fine as long as filter is changed.
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20 Jun 2013 22:48
New generation of recirculation extractors from the likes of Falmec perform very well but cost £££££. I went for a Neff that vents outside and it does the job. You need to calculate the extraction rate required based on the size of your kitchen.