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17 Oct 2013 19:47
found this custom job but sure you could do a lower table with any grade of top

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17 Oct 2013 20:51
I'm sure dean could make one he just made me to side tables to match my table/benchs that will double as extra seats for table when needed,and just installed my kitchen yesterday that we have been working on for about 6 month.
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17 Oct 2013 20:55
Your missus looks nothing like I imagined she would (good thing)
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17 Oct 2013 21:25
Did you get the shutters made Seenmy? Look great.

I'd talked myself out of Parquet flooring, but looks so good in your pics Cool

I had a meeting with Historical planning officer today about changes to windows at my place (caught between listed building officials and building regs)

I also decided to open up a window in my dining room that had been boarded over internally and rotted badly outside (no glass in it, glazing bars all gone)

Turns out its "probably the oldest window in the Village" and they want me to get it repaired exactly as it would have been or if it cant be, I need to get an exact replica made.. sounded expensive Sad
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18 Oct 2013 00:51
the shutter ins the other rooms? yes they were 'bespoke' to a point from a company called sandersons,all uk made etc very nice product but I would use the term 'bespoke' loosly when talking about the product they provide as I do not think it truely is.they look good but I had to have a lot of annoying work done after they were installed as they did not advise me when they did their survey that my bay window was 30mm off square.. so there was a big gap that they thought was ok just to fill with mastic….which I thought was not and they had to re install but still could not get it right so in the end I had to cut off the window sill and put a new one on to sit square with the bottom of the blinds…

parquet was best money I spent on the house love it every day I see it,

listed must be a nightmare!you can basically do what you like in my borough and its still a nightmare with regs etc..
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18 Oct 2013 19:28
thanks for the sugestions, I'm not sure about getting something made just yet, recon it could get pricy
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18 Oct 2013 21:42
seenmy, I am confused. where are the appliances? are the "louvered" bits the cupboards? are the work surfaces aluminium?

we went half shutter, half blind

picked up this bone furniture recently. have replaced handles to match.

stripped out master bedroom - being plastered tomorrow

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19 Oct 2013 01:06
everything is hidden, so under the work top is fridge freezer and oven with a pan cupboard and under sink cupboard, all behind doors as I do not like the way appliances look and wanted a consistent visual. the work top is a sunken stainless steel that sits in to an oak front and back, with a hob set in to it and sink set in also so you can clean work surface down in to sink after preparing food, tap is not installed yet. it comes on monday. then we are done, they tiled the floor today.
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19 Oct 2013 07:12
I find convenient better than a consistent visual - no kettle or do you pack everything away after every use? Surely that will get boring quick
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19 Oct 2013 07:38
floor looks really good. Have you just got the one lots of units on one wall? looking forward to seeing it complete.

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19 Oct 2013 08:10
I always wanted a black plastic sink like the ones they had in science class so if you drop glasses they don't bust.
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19 Oct 2013 11:23
Jesus wrote: I find convenient better than a consistent visual - no kettle or do you pack everything away after every use? Surely that will get boring quick

I think picture is pretty clear than it has literally just been installed and is not finished Roll Eyes

in regards to kettle we have a boiling water tap to be installed on monday. as to not being convenient having doors on front of fridge/freezer is very normal, only covering the oven up is not, the extractor has a cover on it and slides out above the hob.Microwave is housed in cupboard above extractor.

dee will have some vitsoe on the opposite wall for the misses cook books and depending how we get on with the arrangement of units we may add a unit on that wall too,but thats a maybe as the cupboards are big above the worktop so should be enough.
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19 Oct 2013 11:34
Smiling is there a room without any vitsoe, may be the bathroom? The house is looking great btw.

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19 Oct 2013 11:51
pretty much everywhere has it, bathroom will have shelves when we get it done later this year or early next,it will be nice to just be furnishing and not doing any more building.happy with how kitchen is coming together its been a long process, few more pics below plus a bit of the garden (before someone feels need to point out, we are aware it needs greenery) and the back fence has a bed built in to it, just needs to be planted up now its not a builders yard, all made from scaffoldboards so will go a nice grey in about 12moths with weather.
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19 Oct 2013 12:37
Not into that Kitchen, but decking looks really good. Low maintenance all the way
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19 Oct 2013 12:56
love that
clean and warm
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19 Oct 2013 13:39
fencing looks good, never seen a scaffold board fence before with the boards that way on, must be pretty thick, are they new boards or reclaimed and cleaned up?
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19 Oct 2013 14:15
they are new boards, we looked at using reclaimed but with the quanity needed it was not feasible as you need to select the boards pretty much 1 by 1 to be sure they are ok (no faults etc) it makes for a thick fence but I quite like that as it means we can put stuff on top of fence etc.
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19 Oct 2013 17:06
Hello World wrote:

Laughing out loud

london is cheap.
Rofl. Thats mental prices.
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19 Oct 2013 17:22
Bike going on the fence?