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12 Dec 2014 11:22
Gaff looks great (minus the cock n baws)
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12 Dec 2014 11:24
Place looks great seenmy !

I've even got the same quooker tap as you Oops
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12 Dec 2014 12:31
Ubercool Especially as the gaff has a proper homely feel
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12 Dec 2014 12:41
love the kitchen
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12 Dec 2014 13:05
thanks all
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12 Dec 2014 20:55
-DiscoTits- wrote: Think the minimalist approach really works there with the wee hints of personality and personal items here and there. Love the uncluttered feeling of the home. Cool interview as well Ubercool
er it's not minimalist at all. It's pretty Sprockets though. Is Seenmy actually German? Good to see a copy of Phily zine sitting at the top of the pile there though Cool
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12 Dec 2014 20:56
hate wrote: love the kitchen

that table is so dumb though. The rest of the kitchen is so structured, it doesn't make sense.
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12 Dec 2014 20:57
girlfriend is H.O.T. Cool
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12 Dec 2014 21:01
Glancing around at the absence of stuff
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12 Dec 2014 21:32
Looks great seenmy, the kitchen is really nice.
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12 Dec 2014 22:40
Needs more postal tubes
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13 Dec 2014 01:47
I miss the cardboard tube wall
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13 Dec 2014 06:35
where's all the clobber?
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13 Dec 2014 06:46
seenmy wrote: thanks all

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13 Dec 2014 08:08
That other house that guy has here is better but its ruined by kids. Don't ever have kids Seenmy, or only give them exestential German made black objects to play with.
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13 Dec 2014 08:32
Best wrote: Looks incredible, nice interview too Ubercool
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13 Dec 2014 09:31
Nice gaff!, flooring and shutters in the lounge is Cool is the shower any good? looks like a garden tap
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13 Dec 2014 11:18
dickchair is too nathan barley, but the place looks very Cool
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13 Dec 2014 11:52
Looked around the new gaff yesterday,
The numptys have put the fuse box by the front door!!!

Any ideas on how you would cover it?! Assuming moving it would be a huge job?

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13 Dec 2014 11:56
in fairness fuse box by front door is pretty standard placing, though I have never seen a fuse box placed at that height,usually up near the ceiling out of the way,what goes through builders minds sometimes I have no ideaLaughing out loud its a terrible spot as to box it in it will stick out and be in way of the door way, it bea messy job to move but id get it done now beforefloors etc are down,just get it moved up to above the height of doors and then get a box built around it