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9 Jan 2015 21:57
Scrub the bo concept idea. They are all £000 now on ebay. Sometimes see bargains coming up if you can collect.
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posted 10 Jan 2015 00:54, edited 10 Jan 2015 00:54
Go to a cheap place but not ikea, their stuff is so nasty. Like it was purposely designed to be unproportional, uncomfortable and fall apart. The only nice thing I can say about Ikea is that they use original designs.

I'd rather get just a nice basic sofa from a department store.
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11 Jan 2015 19:30
Going to turn a spare room in to a dressing room. Anyone come across any decent wardrobe/clothes storage solutions? Don't really want to send a fortune on fitted wardrobes so after something a bit more creative
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11 Jan 2015 19:44
if you have a chimney, just put poles between chimney breast and walls as hanging rails. you can curtain them off with fabric if req.

a decent joiner will build you something in for a reasonable price if you don't want one of those Sharps type things
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11 Jan 2015 22:30
Where can I get decent 100% cotton bedsets from? Cheaper than The White Company preferably.
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11 Jan 2015 22:34
@Owlix: Zara Home, Tkmaxx, Home sense (owned by Tkmaxx)
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11 Jan 2015 22:38
Owlix - use

The 600 thread count stuff is really nice
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12 Jan 2015 16:22
m15try wrote: Owlix - use

The 600 thread count stuff is really nice
Nice one, ordered.
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posted 14 Jan 2015 16:34, edited 14 Jan 2015 16:34
Anyone know how to tell the difference between plaster board dabbed and plaster on to brick wall? 1960s small block of 2's and 3's???

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14 Jan 2015 18:23
Just knock on it plasterboard will sound hollow plaster solid
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14 Jan 2015 18:39
It will only sound hollow where there's no dabs, knock on a dab and it will sound solid.

Solid plaster can sound hollow as well if it's blown(lost suction to the wall) though it's a different sound.

If you're unsure unscrew a socket front and have a look on the inside. Also, plaster on brick will not be as flat, put a straight edge on it.
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14 Jan 2015 19:17
Appreciate those comments

Looking around the plaster is uneven in places but in most areas nice and flat, all sounds reasonably solid throughout the place. Checked with the socket off. I'm guessing it's plaster.
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14 Jan 2015 20:26
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14 Jan 2015 20:35
Really appreciated - cheers
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14 Jan 2015 21:02
Any good marketplaces apart from eBay and possibly Gumtree for interiors/furniture etc?
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14 Jan 2015 21:10
bill dropping knowledge Cool
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16 Jan 2015 23:59
can anyone point me to a webstore that sells some decent interior design books
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20 Jan 2015 01:49
Mike Hunt
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posted 20 Jan 2015 09:41, edited 20 Jan 2015 09:41
Hypebeast little black man smudge. Hypebeast link. Hypebeast begging for votes for fit battle.
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20 Jan 2015 14:58
Anyone ever taken the padding off a Herman Miller chair and left it with only the fibreglass? Tempted to give it a go…