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8 Apr 2017 16:55
Alloy wrote: There's also a nice looking garden set in the upcoming HAY x Ikea collab.
Any pictures of this? Had a quick Google and nothing seems to come up.
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posted 9 Apr 2017 13:10, edited 9 Apr 2017 13:10
Anyone interested in buying a small-sized, white, Vitra Utensilo? (Preferably pickup from Bethnal Green)

I have one lightly used, thats just sitting in it's box..

(Edit) after £100 (retails £219)

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9 Apr 2017 19:30
How much are you after for the Utensilo?
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9 Apr 2017 19:44
^ I'd like £100 (retails £219)
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10 Apr 2017 10:22
Seventyfour wrote:
T.o.m wrote: so I've made a go at turning the high end arcade cabinet making into an actual business. (as some of you may remember I made one a few years ago and posted it on here)

any feedback on the product and website welcome

Look great how much are they?

They start at £4495 - that would be for one like the P1 white model.

As they are bespoke and made to order, you can add customised paint and other options like the examples on the gallery page.
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10 Apr 2017 12:12
Is eco-flooring the one for parquet flooring? Any alternatives in London that someone can vouch for?
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10 Apr 2017 12:39
eco flooring is the one, he works in london most if the time anyway so him being based out of london not really a issue in my experience for main install
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10 Apr 2017 13:06
cheers stephen, will give them a go
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11 Apr 2017 09:06
It´s the second version Uten.Silo, right?
Really nice but I´m afraid shipping to the EU kills the good deal.
Brian Damage
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11 Apr 2017 21:58
Looking for a vitra eames rocker, will consider any colour. Pm if you're looking to sell.
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12 Apr 2017 07:06
smokie wrote: It´s the second version Uten.Silo, right?
Really nice but I´m afraid shipping to the EU kills the good deal.
Yeah, it's the second smaller 1970s re-issue version…
I'm afraid the postage would be too much
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12 Apr 2017 13:30
work great for decluttering a bathroom.
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24 Apr 2017 17:46
got myself one of those afteroom chairs for my bedroom: (…sry for the shitty pic)

…now i also want them in my kitchen to replace a combi with 2 vitra dsx and a classic eiermann table which is alittle too big for the room, but i have trouble finding a decent priced table to go with the chairs. The matching one from the afteroom is at least for the moment over my budget, found this from hay which i like:

anyone with a a good alternative which will look good with the afteroom chairs?
The original one looks perfect in this pic, but 700 quid is a statement Cry

cheers for some thoughts.
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26 Apr 2017 10:40
any suggestions for spirits/wine bottle storage, wine racks or any contemporary furniture that would work(not a globe)?
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26 Apr 2017 10:46
In a dedicated wine cooler or in a cupboard in the dark. Making a feature of a load of bottles is tacky imo.
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26 Apr 2017 12:01
Bathroom storage which isn't cabinets? Was looking at componibili (but unsure (it's off white not pure white) so wanted to see what else is out there. Looking for something to get rid of the clutter - so cabinet may be only option…

Similar request, decent towel hooks or storage? My bathroom radiator isn't massive so thinking of hooks as an easy way of hanging to dry etc.
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posted 23 May 2017 09:00, edited 23 May 2017 09:00
Anyone know the name of the style below, or where to purchase similar.

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23 May 2017 12:35
It's called the "dumb shelf". It's made for idiots who don't want to actually use their shelving to organise real stuff with edges.
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27 May 2017 11:47
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29 May 2017 07:19
Like the mat

Anyone recommend some decent planters? I just bought the modernica George Nelson one which is great but I need a couple more and don't want to spend that much