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2 Oct 2017 06:47
Well for practical purposes you're going to want to have it not dragging on the floor, gonna wear and get dirty.

Also what kind of fucked up open wardrobe is that? Doesn't shit get dusty?
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posted 3 Oct 2017 14:35, edited 3 Oct 2017 14:35

Think I'll pass, thanks.
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3 Oct 2017 15:03
Laughing out loud
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11 Oct 2017 17:23
Can anyone recommend any good shops or brands for electrical sockets and light switches?

I'm looking for brushed metal facias with metal or black plastic detailing (buttons, etc), I hate white plastic.
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11 Oct 2017 17:41
Andy check this place out:

Or more wallet-friendly option here.
Black ones here:

You can email the closest branch and ask for a trade quote as well.
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11 Oct 2017 17:51
I'm getting everything from Busch Jaeger in my house i'm renovating - they have a whole range (more colors after you click them) -

Jung also has loads of options -

Both brands are well priced, great quality and you have loads of options (sockets, buttons, dimmers, HDMI, Lan, etc etc)

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11 Oct 2017 19:32
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12 Oct 2017 09:14
Thanks for the links, gents.

The Busch-Jaeger looks a bit pricey for me by the time you combine all the elements together (switch, frame, switch mechanism, back box). Jung looks a potentially good option though.

Might end up going for some fancy-ish light switches but cheaper sockets as they'll mainly be hidden behind furniture anyway.

Heath, those Buster + Punch are giving me the electrical horn but the wife doesn't like them. If Dita made switches….
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12 Oct 2017 16:53
Need a new mattress, any recommendations?
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12 Oct 2017 17:04
Got an eve last summer & really like it. Thought it was good for the cash plus there is the 100 day trial period.
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12 Oct 2017 17:05
Just got a simba, really happy with it. £50 off with my shameless referral code too
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12 Oct 2017 17:06
Have a read through some of these articles/research this company or just order from them
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12 Oct 2017 17:20
are simba, eve and all the rest of those mattresses all the same just a different label?
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12 Oct 2017 19:23
I got the leesa mattress - can be a bit warm in summer though
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12 Oct 2017 19:58
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12 Oct 2017 20:01
Wowcher had those Eve mattresses on.
They're labelled as rejuvenated, think they just put a new cover on but they've sold 2600 which seems like a lot of returns, doesn't fill me with confidence.
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12 Oct 2017 20:02
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posted 13 Oct 2017 08:03, edited 13 Oct 2017 08:03
You swet like fuck with those eve matress's, might be good for winter but I had mine in summer and ended up sending it back after a week, then researched the fuck out of it and trying all sorts you want pocket sprung (the right sort as some are marketing numbers) imo, also learnt the mattress world is full of crooks and the big out of town warehouses own all the brands they sell and most get there materials all from the same place and heave on sales and other tricks to sell shit. Real crooks game

In short ended up with John Ryan as the £ goes into material, almost on a par with Vispring except for a couple of k cheaper. If your baller though just get a Vispring
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13 Oct 2017 08:20
Mammoth 240 ftw
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13 Oct 2017 08:20
From memory(foam) - Simba and Leesa got slightly better reviews from Which magazine than the Eve
i have read online that the owners of Eve had a slightly less popular mattress company prior to this………..
But agree - these and the pillows can be too warm in the summer even with a 4tog duvet