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posted 17 Jan 2019 23:57, edited 17 Jan 2019 23:57
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18 Jan 2019 00:59
nice. what are the rugs?
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18 Jan 2019 05:44
Rug is Ubercool
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18 Jan 2019 06:15
small one is probably a micmac design, possibly Navajo woven in the '70s or '80s?..big one is Alonquin circa 1920..big inspiration for a fabric by Ralph Lauren in the '80s
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27 Jan 2019 08:45
I need to extend the cable that links my virgin media internet box to the wall socket.
anyone know what cable I would need and can I attach the connectors myself?
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27 Jan 2019 12:54
Check out THIS on Amazon, velvet.

Q&A's at the bottom of the product page will come in handy too.
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27 Jan 2019 14:50
We are seeing a few nice flats which have a room that overlooks the living area. We don't have kids at the moment but I don't think these rooms are child-friendly and also let a lot of light in which would be annoying for guests.

One solution seems to be a sliding screen:

(very high end fit)

Does anyone know how much this sort of thing would cost (say 4.5m wide)? Is it worth doing / any other ways? Would a standard leasehold prevent you doing something like this?
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2 Feb 2019 10:39
anvais wrote: If you're talking about the TV stand, it's custom-made by a local company and designed by us. Hard to find proper TV stands that are 240cm long.

Ikea cabinet with fancy doors and legs, no?
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2 Feb 2019 11:16
another one to consider -
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2 Feb 2019 11:17

Their ads keep popping up on my IG feed
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posted 2 Feb 2019 18:46, edited 2 Feb 2019 18:46
Yeah, the wifey works there. The foundation is always Ikea method cabinet frames. Then the doors, countertops etc are custom-made to your needs by a few local producers. They also have ready-made colors and sizes if that suites your needs.

For example the set we have has 4 Ikea method cabinets, thermal grey doors and sides and a marble countertop. Legs are from Ikea as well but we just sprayed them matte black. That setup costs around 1k.

Relly like the concept as the Ikea cabinet frames are quite decent and when you get rid of the shitty doors and countertops it's a completely different product.
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posted 2 Feb 2019 18:54, edited 2 Feb 2019 18:54
Looking for a dark green carpet but can't find fuck all! Anyone know anywhere?
This is the best I've found but its going on the staircase has a kind of stripe running through it which looks odd when you bend it round the step
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6 Feb 2019 21:16
Was going to suggest Ryalux but just read they're closing down. Velvets will probably be easier to source in a dark green, try Brintons, Hugh Mackay, Wilton and a good independent shop like

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6 Feb 2019 21:28
Any sparky advice.

I've got an amped spur off a double socket (behind bed) with underfloor heating (I think it's 200w for the matt) and mainly use the socket for charging phone. I'm considering chasing a couple of wall lamps (probs 150w each) in and wondered whether I can spur off the same socket or would I have to take another line off the ring, limited on space as it's approx 6ft between built in storage, is there a minimum space needed between junctions/sockets?

There is another socket on the other side of the wall in the other room, would it be silly to wire through and chase down to that socket?

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6 Feb 2019 22:14
No minimum space between sockets really.

You can take 2 spurs from one socket as long as they are both fused. 3a for both would be fine. It’s fine to do so and doesn’t break any regs, it’s just something you wouldn’t normally do.
Plus means you’ll have 4 sets of 2.5mm in one socket to terminate.

Taking it from a seperate socket would be more ideal but again, not necessary.
The load from the lights and heating mat barely draw 2a so wouldn’t be a huge draw of power either.
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7 Feb 2019 08:20
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11 Feb 2019 13:33
that 'Frame' TV by samsung is on the cheap
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11 Feb 2019 13:48
only £635 Laughing out loud pikey spec
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11 Feb 2019 14:56
Might fit better in your wee wall recess, no?
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11 Feb 2019 17:10
a couple of floorboards are starting to crack in my bedroom (restored original ones in victorian house) - Is it a ballache getting boards (only need one or two) to fit or am I best lifting it and trying to repair the cracks?