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13 Aug 2019 19:50
DuffMan wrote:
OnlyOneStop wrote: For the money Little Greene does better paint imo


A good paint shop can make you up F&B colours nice and matte but less annoying to actually paint with (and less ridiculously expensive). Brewers did a good job on this for me across a few things.

Second this, our local independent did a F&B colour match and pretty close vs the original tester - maybe just avoid the big chains and we did choose decent paint from them.
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11 Sep 2019 19:15
Any Open House recommendations? Mean to do it every year

Thinking of heading down to the Walter Segal houses on the 21st

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15 Sep 2019 15:04
Definitely not one to miss. An audience with the great man himselfUbercool

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15 Sep 2019 16:25
Not sure if this is the right place, but can anyone recommend a decent electric diffusion system that doesn’t look shit?

Want something that gives consistent fragrance, ideally with a timer/app control.

Looking at this:
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15 Sep 2019 20:54
I think the title of the talk is: "Vitsoe, how we sell the same shit as HM, but at a lower spec with a higher price, to Eurotrash idiots."
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15 Sep 2019 21:09
pops wrote: Definitely not one to miss. An audience with the great man himselfUbercool

is this open to all or invite only?