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10 Aug 2020 11:56
anvais wrote:
pops wrote: Gaff looks amazing anvais. Love the cabinetry etc

Would love to see updated pics now you’ve finished & lived in it for a while @ diederik

Thanks Cool Same here, would like to see pictures of the finished product diederik!

Missed this post - but yes once all mess in cleared up. Just had the garden re-done which took nearly three months, and all materials had to travel through the house as there's no road access Fascist!
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11 Aug 2020 02:29
NickMSM wrote:
Birdman wrote: Anyone got any experience with good upholsterers in the UK (I’m in the US currently but will be Bristol based when I return later this year so anyone within a few hours of there ideally).

I’m considering buying a second hand Knoll Womb chair and Ottoman out here to bring back - it came out of a Bank of America corporate head office and the frame and foam are in good condition but the fabric is not to my liking (it’s a custom ‘bank of America red’ special order). I did have a upholsterer sorted here but got cold feet as I’ve only seen pics of one other job he’s done on a Womb and although it looked decent I still had concerns looking at some of the shocking jobs I have seen on 1st Dibs/EBay etc. It was gonna be about £650 for the boucle fabric from Knoll and £700 for the upholstery (that included new foam for the body of the chair and cushions) so I couldn’t afford for the end result to look shit. Any help gratefully received. Cheers

Bruce Upholstery in Streatham seems to be recommended by a few dealers I know.

Thanks - had a look and they seem decent. Cheers!
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11 Aug 2020 06:33
NickMSM wrote:
Birdman wrote: Bruce Upholstery in Streatham seems to be recommended by a few dealers I know.

I’ve been using Anne at Bruce upholstery for years and have previously recommended her here
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posted 12 Aug 2020 08:59, edited 12 Aug 2020 08:59
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posted 12 Aug 2020 13:19, edited 12 Aug 2020 13:19
anyone can recommend some nice bedding? was looking at tekla
but want to hear some other ideas. thanks in advance
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15 Aug 2020 15:51

Thanks for the advice on upholstery - took the plunge on the chair and going to live with it as is for now. 3 kids and cat will probably ruin it anyway.
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15 Aug 2020 18:45
Think it looks great Larry
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15 Aug 2020 21:16
It is a bright colour, but I wouldn't call it larry.

Looks nice Birdman.
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30 Aug 2020 11:52
Has anyone owned a Togo sofa / what are peoples thoughts? I like the modular idea and it seems comfortable but perhaps a little low meaning difficult to pair it with other furniture.
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30 Aug 2020 12:07
fouineoursb wrote:
fouineoursb wrote: I moved to a new place recently - and I have too many rugs - anyone is looking for an authentic vintage berber rug?

Still for sale if anyone want it

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31 Aug 2020 08:46
Recs for a shop/brand for getting a nice sofa on a budget? Probably don’t want to spend much over a grand if possible
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posted 31 Aug 2020 13:42, edited 31 Aug 2020 13:42
Crackajack wrote: Has anyone owned a Togo sofa / what are peoples thoughts? I like the modular idea and it seems comfortable but perhaps a little low meaning difficult to pair it with other furniture.

I've got a full set in black aniline… well up until recently - the corner piece is clumsy and I ended up getting rid of it.

In terms of aesthetic, they are modern without falling into the trap of mid-century stuff that evokes immaculately turned up trousers, MHL totes and Monocle expert consumers. For me, they're grotesque in the right way. You have to work a bit to make sure they don't look like a Big Brother set or luxury student accommodation - avoid primary colours. I'd stick with aniline tan or black.

Eventually the foam does give way a little leaving the form deflated but much less than i'd expected after 7 years, surprisingly. They're easy to live with, comfy albeit quite low. My 70-odd year old dad struggles to get back up when he sits down.

I have a 90 sq metre open-plan studio flat. The ceilings are 3m plus and there's a lot of light - they work well, but i'm moving to a smaller London edwardian flat soon and started eyeballing the proportions and there's no way they'll work. The form is bloated and they are upholstered well on all sides - they suit having space around them in all directions rather than being butted against a wall.
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31 Aug 2020 14:01
I have a two seater Togo in my orangery. I like it, looks cool, is really comfortable for me but agree they are low and my dad for example looks comical trying to get up. Wouldn't mind the arm chair to go with it.
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31 Aug 2020 15:06
Thank you both.

I'm looking at the 3 seater (no arms) as a loungey / TV sofa for a modest sized sitting room in a Victorian terrace.

With a corner or single seat it would fill most of the wall opposite the TV. The room is open to a slightly larger room with a bay which we were thinking would be a bit more formal in seating for entertaining. Heals have 20% off today but it's quite a bold piece so maybe a bit more thought needed.
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11 Sep 2020 05:58
Just moved into my first house and looking for a nice armchair.

I’ve wanted an eames lounge chair for as long as I can remember but the budget won’t allow for that. Is there anyone that does a decent replica/homage? Or are they all a waste of time.

Any other suggestions for sites or shops with similar style stuff. Tried ikea but nothing I like.
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11 Sep 2020 07:07
congrats paulie Cool

other than standard millenial shops swoon and (+ mid century stuff on ebay) I cant really recommend anything else

@everyone: we want some new door knobs for our fitted wardrobe - recommendations for sites with good stock? ideally want brass coloured - not super expensive. considering some from anthropology but dont love them
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11 Sep 2020 07:18
What kind of style? We bought Victorian-style door handles from this company but they might not be what you're looking for. Good quality.
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11 Sep 2020 07:19
Paulie - may be still out of budget but have a white leather with pigmented walnut 670 + 671 that we're looking to replace. Also have a Mogensen daybed on ebay if anyone int.

Swede -

DNDhandles make some nice stuff, bit pricey.
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11 Sep 2020 08:07

Or Etsy.
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11 Sep 2020 09:01

Great quality stuff. Can be a bit pricey though.