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18 May 2021 08:05
quest wrote: looked better before imo

Laughing out loud
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18 May 2021 09:12
Looks nice that mate.

Where is your extractor? I’m assuming that’s an electric hob on the island?
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18 May 2021 09:21
It’s a downdraught extractor in the hob, sucks it all down and there is a vent pipe under the floor that vents it outside.
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18 May 2021 09:25
Gonna be a right pain cleaning all the grease off that gaudy light above the cooker
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18 May 2021 09:35
That’s a fair point, they do all come off.
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18 May 2021 09:49
Looks amazing - well done
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18 May 2021 10:33
wow looks great!! Not a huge fan of the light though
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18 May 2021 10:52
Looks cool. Have to say, wherever i've lived with a breakfast bar stool in the kitchen, it has gone entirely unused Laughing out loud
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18 May 2021 11:02
You won’t have kids then !
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23 May 2021 15:05
Does anyone know if there is a cheaper alternative to these? I like them but feel there are probably a lot of similar ones for at least half the price.
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23 May 2021 20:39 ?
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23 May 2021 22:10
CheersCool !
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posted 24 May 2021 07:36, edited 24 May 2021 07:36
I was looking at those firm living ones last week they are very fragile, I cant see them lasting too long. You may scoff but Aldi did some smoked reeded glass Highball's a bit ago that apparently everyone went mad for, my mrs bought some and I was like I'm not drinking out of Aldi glasses Laughing out loud but they are nice nt sure when they will do them again but its worth looking out for . they are very similar to the Firm living ones.
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24 May 2021 17:23
nothing wrong with aldi, although i prefer the wines from lidl
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24 May 2021 19:48
I think the Aldi wines are fantastic, gin and whisky too. Are Lidl better ? Such good value.
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25 May 2021 09:04
Try Nude. They do glassware/crystal to posh restaurants/hotels that want a quality and durable glass with nice design but not something that breaks the bank if a customer inevitably chips/breaks it.

I got these ones and they look great and are very durable

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25 May 2021 10:18
Moving into a rental to try a new area; open plan living room/diner is long and narrow - any suggestions for how best to arrange the room? Only existing furniture that will have to go in this room is two Modernica Fiberglass chairs, probably used as dining chairs, and a TV - will be buying a new dining table, sofa, shelving/storage etc
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5 Jun 2021 08:15
MrW wrote: The 'under construction' photos are the stuff of nightmares for me. Wife loves it and can't wait until we start ripping our place apart Laughing out loud Cry

Finally started this week. More walls down next week and back of the house is being knocked out. Whole thing's planned to take around 8-9 weeks and then we're having work done in the garden.

Wife & daughter have moved out until the building work's finished so I'm living from a makeshift kitchen in the garage and dialling into meetings upstairs while guys downstairs are taking down walls with kango's Laughing out loud
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5 Jun 2021 18:44
Forgot about this but these are the Aldi glasses
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5 Jun 2021 19:23
They look great